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Friday, October 31, 2014

12:00 am
Village Of The Damned (Horror)
01:38 am
Dead Men Walk (Horror)
George Zucco Mary Carlyle Nedrick Young
02:40 am
Ape Man (Horror)
03:44 am
Beast From The Haunted Cave (Horror)
Michael Forrest Sheila Noonan
04:56 am
Condemned To Live (Horror)
Ralph Morgan Pedro de Cordoba
06:01 am
Bloody Pit Of Horor (Horror)
Mickey Harrgitay Walter Brandi Ralph Zucker
07:24 am
Blood Thirst (Horror)
Robert Winston Katherine Henryk Yvonne Nielson
08:37 am
Carnival Of Souls (Sci-Fi)
09:54 am
Atom Age Vampire (Horror)
Albert Lupo Susanne Loret
11:04 am
Death At Love House (Horror)
Robert Wagner Kate Jackson
12:15 pm
Death Kiss (Horror)
Bela Lugosi David Manners Adrienne Ames
01:26 pm
Devils Messenger (Horror)
Lon Chaney Karen Kadler
02:36 pm
Fog Island (Horror)
Lionel Atwill George Zucco
03:45 pm
Grave Of The vampire (Horror)
William Smith Michael Pataki
05:15 pm
Head (Horror)
06:43 pm
Beast Of Yucca Flats (Horror)
Tor Johnson
07:37 pm
Killer Shrews (Horror)
James Best Ingrid Goude Ken Curtis
08:46 pm
Night Of The Living Dead (Horror)
10:21 pm
Village Of The Damned (Horror)