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Created for movie-lovers everywhere, delivers first-rate film entertainment to global audiences. The multi-platform network is designed for the way people love to enjoy movies. Without intrusive logins and passwords getting in the way, viewers are instantly connected to films in progress - delivered uncut and unedited - across favorite genres of action, comedy, crime, drama, romance, sci-fi and westerns. Company Background is the exclusive development of MandM Television Inc., a business group established in the Raleigh NC Research Triangle area for over fifty years. The innovative technology was built from the ground up to satisfy the vast audience of film lovers who want to instantly connect and watch free full-length movies on line - the way we enjoy movies today.

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Are you interested in reaching this constantly expanding group of online viewers seeking top notch uncomplicated tune in and watch movie experiences anytime, anywhere on any online device? That's the vital and connected audience advertisers access through multiple sponsorship opportunities and innovative advertising participation.

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Connect with dedicated movie lovers every day through the unique Tune In and Watch program guide that reinforces your product message via ongoing emails delivered daily to viewers' inboxes. Tailored to audience members' requests for news about scheduling, stars, genres and much more, this information packed e-newsletter offers advertisers a variety of premium exposure opportunities beginning at $100 a month.

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Available on the Viewer page, Today's Features, Coming Attractions, and Contact Us pages as well as the Tune In and Watch movie guide.

All rates are on a monthly basis.

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