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Week of January 12th to January 18th 2014 - Volume Two, Issue Two.
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Dear Movie Lover,
Now it's on to the 86th Academy Awards hosted by
Ellen DiGeneres on Sunday March 2nd.

But even before the nominations are announced on
January 16th, we thought you may be interested in some little-known facts about that highly coveted statuette known as Oscar.
Several Oscars have gone missing over the years, notably:
    Olympia Dukakis's Moonstruck Academy Award was stolen
    from her home. The Academy replaced it.
    Whoopi Goldberg's Oscar for Ghost---when  sent out to
    be cleaned---went missing. Happily, it was found in
    an airport trash can.
    William Hurt's golden statuette for Kiss of the Spider
    Woman went missing during a move. Police found it
    damaged in a ditch by the side of a road.
During WW ll, the Academy acknowledged the war effort
and shortage of materials by fabricating the Oscars in plaster.
They were later exchanged for the real thing.
There have only been two acting ties in Oscar history. In 1932
Wallace Berry (The Champ) and Frederic March (Dr. Jekyl and
Mr. Hyde) won Best Actor Awards. As for actresses, in 1969 Katherine Hepburn (The Lion in Winter) and Barbra Streisand split the votes.
When a star leaves his or her seat for any reason, one of an army of approximately 125 seat fillers goes into action. Lest you
think this is the ultimate volunteer gig, they are explicitly told
not to initiate conversations with celebrities or ask
for autographs.
Over the past twelve years, eight recipients of Best Actress
and six of Best Actor won for roles based on real people.
Might this bode well for Tom Hanks (as Capt. Phillips and
Mr. Banks), Dame Judith Dench (as Philomena Lee in Philomena) and Forest Whitaker (as Cecil Gaines in The Butler)?

 Watch the 2014 Academy Awards presentation  carefully on March 2nd. You never know what interesting events may make this list.
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January 12th to January 18th 


There must be thousands of Sherlock Holmes fans because the current Holmes series on Masterpiece Theatre  is attracting an audience second only to their blockbuster, Downton Abby! To satisfy this craving, is featuring another classic Sherlock Holmes adventure. But our lineup has an interesting  twist. Also on the agenda;  the thrills and chills of three contemporary mysteries. It's up to you---our viewers--- to compare the legacy of this investigative mastermind with episodes depicting modern day crime, terror and passion.

The Sign of Four
The disappearance of a young woman's father and a mysterious note years later after the strange regular annual delivery of valuable pearls puts Sherlock Holmes on the case.

Running Time:  105 Minutes   Crime  Mystery

Starring:   Ian Hunter,  Arthur Wontner, Isla Bevan

Directed By:  Thomas Bentley

Absolute Fear
Jessie Valiquette follows her scribe boyfriend of three years, Dale Morrow, on a search for his long-lost father last heard from on a deserted island in the Phillipines.

Running Time:  98 Minutes    Thriller

Starring:  Stephanie Lemelin, Matthew Alan, Patrick Bergin

Directed By:  John Milton Branton

House Under Siege
Two young boys and a girl commit a diamond robbery on Halloween. While escaping, the girl is fatally shot. One of the boys knows a doctor who has a private clinic  in his house and that's when the real trouble starts.

Running Time:   78 Minutes    Action Thriller

Starring:    Sally Kirkland, Jeremy London, Brett Roberts

Directed By:   Mark Hazen Kelly

Nowhere To Hide
After her husband's death, a woman is called by someone who has gained access to her phone, car...everything electronic. He tells her he has her daughter.

Running Time:   78 Minutes    Horror Thriller

Starring:   Meredith Monroe, Brian Dietzen, Lochlyn Munro

Directed By:  John Murlowski
Did You Know?
A Guys' Guide to Awards Grooming:
More than shave, shower & throw on the tux!

So much is made of ladies' pre Oscar beauty rituals that teenage girls in Peoria
could practically recite the regimes. But Hollywood men---producers, directors, writers and agents as well as  actors---are indulging in major grooming, too.

 Yes, the pressures of male vanity vastly increases around awards time. Note that groomed, sophistication is this year's alpha-manly news; the tousled unwashed look is O-Ver. But, as top
male grooming experts can attest, it takes a lot of work to nail a look that's manicured yet
still masculine-looking,
Hairstylists at top Beverly Hills salons whose clienteles read like the guest list for the Vanity Fair Oscar After-Party, recommend that guys get their hair clipped as close as they can to a big
event pointing to the fact that men's neck hair grows out fast. Stylistically speaking, leading cutters are seeing what they're calling the Barbershop Look. It's that tight-parted Cary Grant shape
with the sides buzzed. Conservative but with a bit of volume.

  As for facial hair, clean-shaven wins over scruffy. Except under the chinney-chin-chin. Guys are
advised to not to go fully clean in that area but to encourage a slight shadow. Otherwise, it's
short and sharp all over.
Did anyone mention eyebrows? Men whose wives and girlfriends have had to drag them to get their brows waxed are returning on their own. It's the realization that they look younger with
more space on the upper lid.
Although a man's brows tend to grow wild after forty, they should never be thin or arched.
The word is just "groomed".
And the last word? Never go overboard on skincare. The days of men donning pancake and
powder are long gone. The experts recommend drinking lots of water for inner hydration and using a good men's moisturizer on forehead, face and neck. Go easy on the concealer, too. In fact, if
guys have under eye bags, a little concealer is sufficient in the really dark areas. If the rest of a man's look is groomed, a bit of dark eye intensity can be sexy. It adds character.
And by the way...we hear the black silk bowtie is no longer de rigueur for men's evening wear. This new area of sartorial splendor is opening up to inspiration. Let's see how George Clooney handles it!


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