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Week of January 19th to January 25th 2014 - Volume Two, Issue Three.
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Dear Movie Lover,

 Being named an Oscar nominee is the result of a campaign that all but rivals a run for high political office.
As Hollywood held its collective breath awaiting this year's nominations on January 16th, here's what was happening behind the Academy's door.
The nomination process ---known as The Race---kicked off on November 2013. That's when film distributors, studios and publicists began to move heaven and earth to get their films seen by the Academy and its 6000-odd members.
This can run the gamut from special screening events to ruthless no-holds-barred buttering-up of Academy voters who can make or break a film's chances. It's blatant. Yet arguable that the keen antics of aspiring Oscar-winners are out of the control of the Academy. So, all's fair.
The Academy's members are split into fifteen branches or
professions within the industry---from actors to makeup artists and beyond. The members of these branches vote for nominees within their own category; directors for directors, writers for writers, etc.
Majorly, the nominations are made remotely, after the members have viewed DVDs sent to them by the Academy or attended cinema screenings  and other events to inform their decisions.
Members start voting by December 17th, with their decisions sent either electronically or by mail to PricewaterhouseCooper
to be counted and verified securely.
Nominees who came out on top were announced on January 16th at the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theatre. As for now, it's just a matter of waiting until March 2nd when the suspense will be broken and we'll hear recurring requests for The Envelope, Please!

 That's because Academy Award rules for this category often spell disqualification for many that seem like sure things.
For example, a song should be original and specifically written for a motion picture. There must be a clearly audible, intelligible, substantive  rendition of both lyrics and melody.
The Best Song From a Motion Picture Award was introduced
by the Academy in 1934. Here, in reverse chronological order, is a list of the ten best that made the cut.
  • 2012 - Skyfall from Skyfall
  • 2002 - Love yourself from 8 Mile
  • 1997 - My Heart will Go On from Titanic
  • 1983 - Flashdance from Flashdance
  • 1970 - Evergreen from A Star Is Born
  • 1971 - Shaft from Shaft
  • 1969 - Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head from Butch Cassidy and The SunDance Kid
  • 1942 - White Christmas from Holiday Inn
  • 1939 - Over The Rainbow from Wizard of Oz
  • 1936 - The Way You Look Tonight from Swing Time
And here are the 2013 Oscar frontrunners for
Best Original Song.

  • Let It Go from Frozen
  • Young & Beautiful from The Great Gatsby
  • Ordinary Love from Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
  • The Moon Song from Her
  • You Ain't Nothin No More from The Butler  
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January 19th to January 25th 


Sherlock Holmes is our hero once again. This time in  two-back-to-back half hour adventures. Each of them capturing the unique mystery that permeates all things Sherlockian. To round out our features, we've contrasted the investigative drama with two completely contemporary ---and may we say hysterically funny--- comedies.


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Sherlock Holmes Two-Part Series
Part 1: The Case of the Cunningham Heritage

Dr. Watson assists Sherlock Holmes in a case that confuses and confounds Inspector Lestrade.

Running Time: 30 Minutes   Crime  Mystery

Starring: Ronald Howard, Howard Marion-Crawford, Archie Duncan

Directed By:  Jack Gage
Part 2: The Case of Lady Beryl
Lady Beryl confesses to a murder that was committed at her home. But Sherlock Holmes is convinced that she is innocent.

Running Time: 30 Minutes   Crime Mystery

Starring: Paulette Goddard, Ronald Howard, Howard Marion-Crawford

Directed By:  Jack Gage

The Soccer Nanny
A recently widowed woman living on a buffalo ranch in Central Kansas hires a Norwegian soccer player to be a male au air and help raise her two sons.

Running Time:  76 Minutes    Comedy  Drama

Starring:  Spencer Daniels, Traci Lords, Havard Lilleheie

Directed By:  J.T. O'Neal

Under New Management
Sparks and bullets fly when a Wall Street yuppie must steer a Brooklyn mob crew legit before a beautiful FBI agent can build RICO indictments against them

Running Time:   100 Minutes    Comedy  Crime  Drama

Starring: Chris Diamantopoulis, Kelly Overton, Richard Portnow

Directed By:  Dennis Hamill
Did You Know? U.S. Winter Olympians Take To The 2014 Medal Stand Outfitted By Nike
While Oscar Frenzy is reaching the boiling point, other equally important events are vying for our attention. For example, the 2014 Winter Olympics  that kick off at Sochi on February 7th.
U.S. athletes are bound to be the best-dressed in this snow-covered setting. What with Ralph Lauren turning out great sportswear for the opening and closing parades as well as
everyday garb. And yes, every stitch is made in America.
Nike, however, will do the fashion honors for U.S. Olympians going for the gold, outfitting these
champions in silver and green Medal Stand garb. At each individual medal ceremony, U.S.
bronze, silver and gold medalists will wear Nike's Aeroloft 800 Summit Jacket, which keeps wearers warm with aeroloft insulation---an 800-fill goose down based on body mapping research for mobility in the right places.

 The jacket features a Team USA badge, Nike logo and USA insignia of a lenticular fabric that shifts
from blue to red.

 "Land of the Free" and "Home of the Brave" sayings secretly embroidered in the hand pockets
and tonal stars on the interior front of the jacket are a nod to legendary Hockey Coach Herb Brooks
This Is Your Moment speech to the U.S. Hockey team after their spectacular gold medal win over Russia at the 1980 Winter Olympics.
It's all part of an entire Winter Olympics wardrobe concept introduced by Nike. Nab your own
competition garb at right now. Score the medal stand looks---Summit Jacket this month and the rest of the collection come February.

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Mike and Monika