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Week of January 26th to February 1st 2014 - Volume Two, Issue Four.
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Dear Movie Lover,
In A Season of Spectacles, Next Up:

If you thought there'd be a lull in extravaganzas between now and the Oscars on March 16th, turn your attention to February 2nd. Read on for a quick course in how to spend $1 million in one fabulous New York City Super Bowl Weekend!


When New York City plays host to Super Bowl 2014,
the Big Apple will serve as a weekend playground to the rich and famous pro pigskin fans.
In a town that famously embraces big spenders, those with deep pocket lifestyles naturally book the most lavish suites,
reserve the priciest restaurant tables and explore City That Never Sleeps in typical VIP fashion.
Hitting the million-dollar mark for Super Bowl weekend isn't unlikely. Here's how the elite could spend top dollar in just
2880 New York City minutes. Or, 48 hours!
Private Jet Round Trip LA-NYC: $60,000
XO Jet offers a very private, cushy commute. Well appointed,
amenities include chef-prepared meals, top shelf liquor, custom furnishings. And of course, free WIFI and satellite phone.
Presidential Suite Four Seasons NYC 3 nights: $154,930
Considered the most expensive suite in the nation, this 9-room
penthouse boasts a 180 degree view of Manhattan though floor to ceiling windows, calfskin walls, a grand piano, Rolls Royce and
driver,24/7 personal butler, all-inclusive spa access and personal trainer.
Other must-haves to round out the festivities
might include:
  • Dinner for four at Masa: $2400
  • Private Super Bowl Party: $50,000
  • Premier Super Bowl Suite at MetLife Stadium: $610,040
  • Art Purchase at Sotheby's: $40,000
  • Rare fine wines from Daniel Wine Celler: $20,000
  • Two Billie Joel tix at Madison Square Garden: $6000
  • Zillian Dollar Lobster a deux Le Parker Meridien: $2000
  • Ted Gibson hair makeover for two: $2500
  • Oscar de la Renta gown or tux: $8000
Reservations, Anyone?

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Coming Attractions This Week:  
January 27th to February 2nd  


We never get tired of Sherlock Holmes as he again demonstrates outstanding forensic scientific skills in this week's two back to back episodes. They are textbook cases of his amazing abilities of deduction. All the more brilliant when we move away from Holmes's astute logical reasoning into the world of mass hysteria. First, with George Orwell's disturbing animated drama, Animal Farm. Then on to Morons From Outer Space where interplanetary  silliness reaches epidemic proportions. And finally, a glimpse at the early days of rock & roll as we witness  how the new born-in-the-US  musical genre captivated an entire generation in Alan Freed's Rock Rock Rock. Pop music was never the same again!


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Sherlock Holmes Two-Part Series
Part 1: The Case of the Pennsylvania Gun

Holmes and  Watson assists Sherlock Holmes investigate the murder of Squire Douglas who was shot to death in a sealed-up castle with only two apparent suspects.

Running Time:  30 Minutes   Crime  Mystery

Starring:  Archie Duncan, Ronald Howard, Howard Marion-Crawford
Directed By:  Sheldon Reynolds
Part 2: The Case of  the Texas Cowgirl

A cowgirl from a visiting rodeo show asks Sherlock Holmes to help her when she discovers a dead man in her hotel room.

Running Time:    30 Minutes   Crime Mystery

Starring:   Archie Duncan, Ronald Howard, Howard Marion-Crawford

Directed By:  Steve Previn

Animal Farm

A successful barnyard revolution by the resident animals vs. the farmer goes horribly wrong when corrupt pigs hijack it and try to control the masses for their personal gain.

Running Time:  72 Minutes    Animation   Drama

Starring: Maurice Denham, Gordon Heath

Directed By: Joy Batchelor, John Halas

Morons From Outer Space

While the captain of a space ship is outside  refueling his craft at an intergalactic fuel station, the other members of the crew fool around with the controls.  They accidentally start the ship and crash it into Earth.  This causes a sensation as the media celebrates the extraterrestrials and the military interrogates them for eternal wisdom. However, the generals soon find they are dumb as bricks. But the public idolizes them.

Running Time:   92  Minutes    Comedy  Sci-Fi

Starring:Griff Rhys Jones, Joanne Pierce, Mel Smith

Directed By: Mike Hodges

Rock, Rock, Rock!

A young teenage girl desperately tries to earn money to buy a dress for the school's dance where  just about every rock & roll icon is appearing, courtesy of Alan Freed. The plot's thin. The music's fabulous.

Running Time:   85 Minutes    Comedy   Drama  Musical

Starring:   Alan Freed & His Rock & Roll Band, Tuesday Weld, Connie Frances, LaVerne Baker, Chuck Berry, Frankie Lyman & The Teenagers and more.

Directed By:  Will Price
Star Turn:
Mick Jagger Starts Up New Career As Hollywood Producer

Jagger is in talks to turn the Oscar-nominated documentary 20 Feet From Stardom into a one-hour scripted TV series and Broadway musical. He would executive produce the series with Victoria Pearman through their Jagged Films banner alongside the  film's director Morgan Neville.
Like the film, the TV series and Broadway musical adaptation follows the lives of backup singers who perform in the shadows of some of the biggest music stars in the business. The TV series would depict contemporary performers.
20 Feet From Stardom debuted at the Sundance Film Festival last year. The crowd-pleasing picture went on to become the highest grossing documentary of the year and an Oscar nominee for best documentary. Though Jagger isn't a producer  on the 20 Feet From Stardom documentary, he appears extensively in interviews and footage.
Legendary Actor, Filmmaker and Humanitarian Jerry Lewis To
Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at Fifth Annual TCM Classic Film Festival

Lewis, 87, will participate in a hand and foot ceremony in front of the refurbished TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard on Saturday April 12th and attend a screening of The Nutty Professor which he starred in and directed.
"Jerry Lewis is a very important name whenever movie comedy is discussed and enjoyed" TCM host Robert Osborne who also serves as official host of the TCM Film Festival said in a statement. "Jerry has provided the world with great merriment and laughter, while also showing in such films as Martin Scorsese's The King of Comedy what an exceptional
dramatic actor he can be. Add to this his many credits as a popular director, producer and writer and you see the reason we are pleased to be able to honor him for his more than 60 years of contributions to the world of motion pictures."
For more than 60 years Lewis has also been the driving force behind the fight against Muscular Dystrophy, raising more than $2 billion for patient care and research.
Did You Know?
Everyone's A Philanthropist
On the Warner Bros. Lot 
The Studio's Impact Program invites employees to determine
the company's charitable partners.

When it comes to corporate social responsibility, Warner Bros likes to enlist some help from its employees---all of them. That's the philosophy at the core of Warner Bros. Impact, started in 2008 to give those working in the company a voice in its philanthropic efforts. While WB has year-round staff dedicated to implementing the donations it chooses to make, everyone at the studio gets to decide exactly where the money will go.
Warners invites each employee to submit one organization for the company to support over a two-year cycle. A steering committee whittles down the submissions to 24 nonprofit candidates from which
employees vote on the final twelve partners.
Eligible organizations earn a two-year partnership with Warners  and they are invited to collaborate with employees on events and fundraisers.
According to a Warners spokesperson, a key tenant of the Impact initiative is to focus on strategic giving rather than checkbook philanthropy. Still, the company will contribute to an organization in which the employee sits on the board for at least a year or donates 30 volunteer hours. Warner Bros. also matches annual employee charitable donations with a set limit per individual.
As much as Impact is about philanthropy, it's also about brining WB employees together around something other than the water cooler. For example, one WB exec asked an entire department to join in a Habitat for humanity build.
And with Impact events staged at least once a month, another often-seen rallying point around the studio these days should surprise no one. It's a pop-up puppy kennel located by the commissary, courtesy of the local Best Friends Animal Shelter.

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