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Week of October 21st to October 27th 2013 - Volume One, Issue Thirty-Seven.
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Dear Movie Lover,
Hits $200 Million; Is October Sweep Next?

 Gravity floated easily to the $200 million mark on Monday
Oct 14thas the Warner Bros 3-D picture continues to reach new heights at the global box office.
Having already won back-to-back weekends domestically, Gravity took in an additional $6.2 million on Monday in the U.S. to bring its total to $128.5 million since October 4th.
Buoyed largely by 3D ticket sales, Gravity is one of the few movies to break out during the usually hauntingly slow month of October.

 A 35-year old stuntman has reportedly been stabbed in the shoulder on the set of the Brad Pitt war drama filming on England's Oxfordshire countryside. Following the incident, he was air-lifted to Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital.
According to a statement by a production company representative, the accident occurred during a rehearsed
action sequence between two professional stuntmen.
Deemed accidental by the Thames Valley police, they have, however, warned residents of the surrounding area to expect
sounds of gunfire and explosives from the private land where filming is taking place.

How could anyone tamper with perfection?
According to Allure Magazine's excellent writer Joan Kron,
the fabulous MM had a little work---minor, mind you. More along the lines of refining rather than transforming, her tweeks were confined to her nose and chin.
In fact, the divine Ms. M's chin implant apparently dissolved after a couple of years. And she never had it replaced. Who knew?

 Let's not soft-pedal it, the House of Hermes, known for uber expensive products, has unveiled its newest over-the-top must have for the moneyed set.
The French fashion emporium has launched two ultra-lightweight carbon fiber models; Le Flaneur d'Hermes and Le Flaneur Sportif d'Hermes, which come in three colors; charcoal, red and white.
Handmade in France, the bikes feature bull-calf leather on the saddles,  handlebar grips, carry handles and luggage rack supports. Additional features include a shock-absorbing frame, belt-driven transmission and hydraulic disc brakes.
Not simply a decorative object, the Hermes version is a real bike; simple, efficient, easy to use, pleasant. And, of course,
tres elegant.
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Man Maid


Running Time: 125 Minutes
A second-generation male maid fights to save the girl he loves and their historic hotel from the clutches of a hostile developer.
Starring: Phillip Vaden, Sara Rue, Jane Lynch

Directed By: Chris Lusvardi

No Regrets

Romantic Comedy

Running Time: 104 Minutes
A recent high school grad still pines for an old flame and devises a plan to get her attention.

Starring: Daniel Bruhl, Jessica Schwartz, Mary Lou Sellum
Director: Benjamin Quabeck

Absolute Zero


Running Time: 86 Minutes
A sudden 90-degree in Earth's magnetic pole plunges the Equator into the deepest freeze possible: absolute zero. Florida has just four hours before becoming an artic tundra.

Starring: Jeff Fahey, Erika Eleniak, Bill Dow
Director: Robert Lee

Best of Enemies

aka The Girls' Room

Comedy Drama

Running Time: 101 Minutes
Lust...jealousy...suspicion. And it doesn't end there. When a college frienemy's teasing threatens her future wedding, a straight A student vows vengeance.

Starring: Soleil Moon Frye, Will Wheaton, Catherine Taber
Director: Irene Turner

Star Turn:
The Five Least Fashionable Films (so far)
Exactly the opposite of the oft-touted best-dressed films, this roundup identifies the films that immortalize the worst in wardrobe, hair and makeup.
Included are movies that intentionally use hideous outfits to comic effect as well as those featuring the hippest trends of the times. So here, in no particular order, are what we conjecture to be the five least-stylish major motion pictures.
The Big Lebowski

Star Jeff Bridges reportedly hand-selected most of the Dude's clothing from his own closet including the jellies sandals that Lebowski pairs with the holey Pendleton Woolen cardigan and tribal print parachute pants.
Revenge of the Nerds

Robert Carridine and Anthony Edwards were so into their perfecting their unfashionable looks that they "road-tested" their screen wardrobes' effectiveness. The actors attended a real college rush week in full nerd costume. Their costumes won rave reviews (in reverse) by being summarily rejected---and ejected---by a fraternity leader upon first inspection.

Upon viewing Clueless, it seems nearly every cast member in this teen masterpiece appears to be either a fashion victim or ensemble-challenged. The film inspired a craze for headbands, knee socks
and plaid mimiskirts, adding up to a look that gave birth to the phrase Beverly Hills Preppy.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Decades before Sarah Jessica Parker portrayed TV's leading fashionista on Sex and the City,
she played the kind of girl who teases her bangs and proudly wears acid-wash overalls in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Parker, along with her co-star Helen Hunt, compiled what has become a feature length film of absolute fashion don'ts: ruffle socks, tapered high-waisted jeans and enough leotards to make for a dangerous "sip every time you see spandex one pieces" drinking game.

Compared to Anne Hathaway's classy Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises---all pearl jewelry, tailored skirts, full-coverage catsuit and expensive stillettos---Halle Berry's feline superhero
looks like a low budget Coyote Ugly bartender on theme night. Unfortunately for this Oscar winner,
Berry will forever be on record as having worn a leather halter bikini top and laser-cut leather pants in this 2004 film.
Did You Know?
LA's Top Interior Designers Name Their
Go-To Furniture Shops To The Stars
Traditional or contemporary? Antique or modern? Old or new? The city's hottest tastemakers---whose client lists include Barbra Streisand, Jennifer Anniston and Ryan Seacrest---take a stand. 

Carter Truesdale
The Boston-based design firm opened its East Coast-influenced showroom in West Hollywod earlier this year and is a favorite of Mary McDonald whose clients include  Renee Zellweger and Ryan Murphy.
JF Chan
Joel Chan's massive empire includes everything from rare Eames pieces to 18th century Italian blue-chip antiques. Clients include Barbra Streisand and James Franco, Arianna Huffington and Joan Rivers.
John Nelson Antiques
A designer staple for a huge range of antiques, the store is "a must for finding that one killer piece that puts a room over the top," according to designer Tommy Clements with a stellar clientele---Jennifer Anniston and Ellen DeGeneres among them.
One of the city's best sources for the very latest in cutting-edge design, Twentieth is a fave of designer Jeff Andrews who represents Ryan Seacrest and Michael C. Hall, among others.
It is his go-to for contemporary furniture and lighting that, he promises, is unsurpassed.
Ralph Pucci
Some of the world's top contemporary design is found at Ralph Pucci. Designer James Magni whose taste-making cliente includes Judith Light, currently obsesses over works of Parisian designer Herve van der Straeten---very exclusive and tres dear, pricewise.

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