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Week of October 7th to October 13th 2013 - Volume One, Issue Thirty-Five.
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Dear Movie Lover,

OK, it's really not about the movies, but you've gotta admit it was a cinematic moment when Brit model Hollie-May Saker
socked one of the Ukrainian feminists who crashed the catwalk of the Nina Ricci Spring 2014 show in Paris.
During the prestigious label's Paris Fashion Week show, two topless protesters with the words "Fashion Dictaterror" painted across their chests stormed the runway, disrupting Saker's moment. When one of the protesters grabbed Saker's arm the model punched her and continued walking like a pro.
"As she grabbed my arm, she lifted up my dress, exposing me, Saker explained, "I pulled my arm back with such force, I landed a punch square on her nose. But I knew I had to be professional and carried on walking, with a bit more sassiness."

  Word has gotten out the Warner Brothers is ready to revisit Tarzan - King of The Jungle. one of the longest-running and most popular literature-turned-film franchises in Hollywood.
The new Tarzan movie is awaiting a greenlight, which some say
may come in November, with a Summer 2014 project start date.
Along with Sakrsgard who is signed on for the title role,
Christoph Waltz is about to join as the villain in the cast. Margot Robbie, the star of Focus, is being sought for the role of Jane, Tarzan's jungle queen. Stay tuned!
Tom Hanks Does It Again!


 When the Fifty-first Annual New York Film Festival kicked off
with the world premiere of  Captain Phillips, on September 27th,
NYFF opening-nighters became the first big crowd to get a look at the drama starring Tom Hanks.
The Columbia Pictures film follows the real-life story of an American ship's captain (played by Hanks) and his crew hijacked by Somali pirates. A significant chunk of it takes place in a claustrophobic lifeboat where Phillips is alone with his captives.
What did NYFF premiere-goers think? Typical for New York, there were about as many opinions as there were festival-goers. But overall, the buzz was strong. At the Harvard Club post-screening party, most everyone agreed the suspenseful pic was masterfully directed. And everyone came away talking about
the emotional last ten minutes.
Chalk about another triumph for the inimitable Mr. Hanks!

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Coming Attractions:
Heading Up This Week's Must-Watch List
October 6th thru October 13th 
House Under Siege
A crime thriller with a twist. When a Halloween night diamond heist goes wrong, and one of their own is severely wounded, a group of thieves takes a doctor and his family hostage in the family's home. The thieves flee when they fear the police are on their way, but realize they've left their booty behind. When they return to collect, they find a family that's determined to fight back.

Starring: Jeremy London, Bret Roberts, Sally Kirkland
Directed By: Mark Hazen Kelly


Soccer Nanny
In this award winning debut from first time director J.T. O'Neal, recently widowed mother Helen (Traci Lords) returns to her shattered life on a buffalo ranch in Kansas. While she deals with her demons, she hires a flamboyant Norwegian soccer player to nanny for her two young sons.

Starring: Traci Lords, Håvard Lilleheie, Spencer Daniels
Directed By: J.T. O'Neal









Waking Up Wally
The inspiring and emotional story of Walter Gretzky, father of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. After suffering a life-altering stroke, Wally can remember almost nothing from his life, including his son's rise to hockey fame, and his own role in Wayne's stellar career. Based on Walter Gretzky's heartwarming memoir, this film starring Tom McCamus, Victoria Snow, and Tara Spencer-Nairn is a touching story of a father reconnecting with his famous son, and the life he once lived.

Starring: Tom McCamus, Victoria Snow, Tara Spencer-Naim
Directed By: Dean Bennett




Absolute Fear
A terrifying psychological thriller that teaches us that some missing persons cases are better left unsolved. Jesse's boyfriend Dale enlists her and a group of friends to search for Dale's long missing father (Patrick Bergin). Finding him alive on a secluded island, they get more than they bargained for when they discover that not only was Dale's father part of a top-secret government project testing the depth of people's fears, but that he also had very good reason for not wanting to be found.

Starring: Matthew Alan, Patrick Bergin, Stephanie Lemelin
Directed By: John Milton Branton


Star Turn:
The Power of Hollywood Fashion Stylists 
As every actress worth her weight in Swarovski crystals knows: her agent procures the best roles. Her publicist promotes them. But the real reel magic happens behind the scenes where the right stylist can turn a star into Water Cooler Topic A. 
But it's not just buzz that Hollywood leading ladies seek. A stylist can help cinch a magazine cover, win their clients beauty and fashion contracts and even an actress's next role.

 Veteran stylist Deb Waknin enabled Sophia Vergara to skyrocket from TV actress to Golden Globe goddess in a sizzling red hourglass gown.
Hailee Steinfeld won a Miu Miu fashion contract after the team of Kemal Harris and Karla Welch
styled her as a fresh fashion force throughout the 2011 awards season.
Petra Flannery was major catalyst behind two prestigious contracts: client Emma Stone for Revlon and Mila Kunis for Dior.

The power of the stylist doesn't just work on celebrities. Fashion brands themselves can be the beneficiaries. Stylist Leith Clarkroke broke out an unknown designer, Mary Katrantzou by dressing client Kiera Knightley in one of her wildly mixed silk prints at the Venice Film Festival causing the "Kiera Dress" to sell out at Net-A-Porter.
In fact, the most creative stylists are those who can impact a designer's business with just one look.
Stylists can also become business stars on their own. For example,  Rachel Zoe, America's most famous stylist, now presides over a multi-million dollar empire. 
And that's just the ruffles on the gown. During Awards season in-demand stylists pull down anywhere from high three figures a day, picked up by studios' promo budgets to Zoe's rumored $10,000 day fee. Top this with their bread-and-butter fees for commercial work, which can pay an average of $ 1,500 to $5,000 a day for a minimum of three days. Pretty can pay --- if you couple it with good taste, keen business sense and the will to succeed.

Did You Know?
Male Celebs Who've Had Cosmetic Surgery
Getting a nip here and a tuck there has become as regular as going to the dentist in the wonderful world of Hollywood.
It's not all about the ladies, however. Perhaps it's pride that have made male stars want the world to believe they are aging gracefully. But that state of mind is gradually fading as it's becoming obvious the guys are getting work done, too. And when it comes to the famous men shown here, their transformations have certainly not remained celebrity secrets. They look fresher, rested and better than ever! And let's face it folks, that's all part of the job.

 Overall, cosmetic surgery is a fact of life among the male population, considerably escalating into 2012---in spite of the economic slowdown. Although many men---celebrities, captains of industry, politicians and from all walks of life--- deem cosmetic surgery as a good career move, disclosing the amount of work they've had remains a touchy subject.
While parents of baby boomers elected to grow old gracefully, perhaps because they had no other choice, the current generation has options. Due to the safety and popularity of most cosmetic procedures, men have elected to improve their appearance as much as women. 
With the world becoming increasingly more competitive, aging celebrities and executives want to look less tired and more vigorous. Could it be said that men are now feeling the pressure from the media and society's intense value youth and beauty---something women have endured for years? With significantly increasing numbers of men choosing cosmetic surgery as a means of improving their looks, it very wll may be true.
As numbers pile up among men seeking surgical enhancement, with the help of media-driven images and big business competition, cosmetic surgery and non-surgical improvement (Botox and non-surgical fillers) means at least one thing: it's not just for the ladies anymore.
However, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, cosmetic plastic surgery is elective and should be done for the right reasons. For more information about cosmetic plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic improvement, go to
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