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Week of December 8th to December 14th 2013 - Volume One, Issue Forty-Four.
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Dear Movie Lover,

 She's Gal Gadot. The Israeli-born actress will play Wonder Woman in the still officially untitled 2015 follow-up to Man of Steel.

Gadot, who was seen in Fast & Furious 6, joins Henry Cavill, reprising his role as Superman and Ben Affleck who is playing Batman.

Said director Zack Snyder, "Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Comics universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress,
but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved icon."
The casting is a huge break for Gadot who has up until now appeared in supporting roles in the last three Fast & Furious movies. She has also appeared in Date Night and the Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz action movie Knight and Day.

  The role call also includes Jessica Lowndes, Curtis "50 Cent"
Jackson and Korean actor Rain in the action thriller currently in production in Mobile Alabama.
Brian A. Miller is directing the movie which centers on Paul, a family man played by Patric who turns out to be a mob enforcer retired in Las Vegas. After his college-age daughter goes missing, Paul must travel across the country to find her.
Lowndes plays the movie's female lead, a troubled college co-ed
who partners with Patric's character and travels with him to
New Orleans' seedy underworld of sex and drugs.
Bruce Willis plays Omar, a man with a score to settle who has waited years for Paul to return.
Lion's Gate will release The Prince domestically late in 2014.
His Chicago childhood home will honor the legendary movie mogul.

 Until recently, the home was owned by Brent Young and Diania Benadon. Groundbreaking for the restoration and preservation of the house in which Walt and his brother Roy were born kicked off
on December 5th, Walt Disney's birthday.
The original structure was designed by their mother Flora and built by their father Elias Disney.
After the house is restored, it will serve as an historic site, museum and community resource designed to enhance and explore childhood creativity.
The ground breaking media event featured a Happy Birthday salute to Disney sang by children from a nearby elementary school as well as a special birthday cake.
Roy P. Disney, Walt's grand nephew was on hand for the December 5th celebration, declared to be Walt Disney Day by
Chicago's mayor.


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Coming Attractions:  
December 8th - December 14th
There's a terrific line-up this week, including Jason Robards in The Christmas Wife, and Jean Paul Belmondo in the French classic, Breathless. Make a note to watch Indie producer Mike Davis's Don't Pass Me By. And our December 7th (and all month long) tribute to WWII heros, Pearl Harbor. Part of the award-winning Victory at Sea series. 
A young French car thief kills a policeman and tries to persuade a girl to hide in Italy with him.
Running Time: 90 Minutes Crime Drama
Starring: Jean Paul Belmondo, Jean Seberg, Daniel Boulanger
Directed By: Jean Luc Goddard
The Christmas Wife
A widower, not wanting to face his first Christmas alone, responds to an ad for "social introductions".
Running Time: 73 Minutes Romance Drama
Starring: Jason Robards,  Julie Harris
Directed By: David Hugh Jones
Don't Pass Me By
A stirring story about love, regret and second chances told in a series of vignettes woven together.  The story follows four women at crises points in their lives.
Running Time: 100 Minutes Drama
Starring: Sean Stone, Keith David, C.Thomas Howell
Directed By: Eric Priestly
Victory At Sea
Pearl Harbor is one of twenty-six episodes that document naval combat during World War Two.  Famous or its musical score, eloquent narration and
combat footage.
Running time: 30 Minutes Action War
Starring: Leonard Graves  Franklin D. Roosevelt  Adolf Hitler
Directed By: Documentary footage from the US Naval Command
Star Turn:
Ten Best-Loved Christmas Movies


Counting down to the top  Christmas movies of the past years. These are purely personal observations. Let us know your favorites ( and we'll add to our next issue's list. So, without further ado....
TEN:   ELF (2003)
Starring Will Farrell, James Caan and Zooey Dechanel
Most Christmassy Moment: Jovie (Dechanel) leads New York in a rendition of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town to restore the Christmas spirit needed to power Santa's sleigh.
Starring Hugh Grant, Bill Nighy, Laura Linney, Andrew Lincoln, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Billy Bob Thornton, Liam Neeson and on and on....
Most Christmassy Moment: All the permutations are here, from grand romantic genstures to
quiet family bonds.
Starring Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Ameche, Ralph Bellamy
Most Christmassy Moment:  A disgraced Louis, disguised as Santa, is forced to eat the stuffing
from his costume and is so down on his luck he can't even get a suicide attempt right. Enter
Jamie Lee.
Starring:  Chevy Chase, Randy Quaid, Beverly D'Angelo
Most Christmassy Moment:  Clark gets the best Christmas show in the street by virtue of
a methane gas explosion propelling his decorations into the sky.
Starring:  Macauley Culkin, Catherine O'Hara, John Candy
Most Christmassy Moment:  The Kenosha Kickers led by jovial Gus Polinski, offers Kevin's
mom a lift home on Christmas Eve so she can be with her son on the big day.
Starring: Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera Lynn
Most Christmassy Moment:  All together now, "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas..."
Starring:  Peter Billingsley, Leigh Brown, Jean Sheppard
Most Christmassy Moment:  Despite nearly blinding himself with the gun, Ralphie (Peter
Billingsley) contentedly goes to bed with his prize present by his side.
Starring: Mervyn Jones Alastair Sim, Jack Warner, Kathleen Harrison
Most Christmassy Moment:  Scrooge orders Bob Cratchitt  into his office and then confounds him by raising the clerk's salary. Then bursts into uncontrollable laughter.
TWO:  MIRACLE ON 34th STREET  (1947)
Starring:  Natalie wood, Edmund Gwen, Maureen O'Hara, Gene Lockhart, John Payne
Most Christmassy Moment:  With Santa on trial in a sanity hearing, the postman delivers sack after sack of children's Christmas letters addressed to Santa Claus.
Starring:  James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore
Most Christmassy Moment:  George Baily returns home on Christmas eve to find that friends and family have bailed out "the greatest man in town" while Clarence, the second-class angel
gets his wings.
What this all means is, they really don't make many Christmas movies anymore and certainly not
many really good ones. A blend of classics and modern cinema, all the films on this list are worth watching in the coming days of the Christmas Countdown.
Did You Know?
Making Spectacles of Themselves:
Stars With Nerdy Eyewear
It seems everyone is wearing glasses to look smart. Thick tortoiseshell frames add gravitas to stars' style. Giving off a studious vibe and having help reading Teleprompters never appeared so chic.
Bill Nighy: Purely Academic

British actor Bill Nighy has sported his professorial eyewear for many years.
Brad Pitt: Pitt Stop

Brad Pitt looks almost cerebral wearing his heavy geeky glasses that contrast with his once-again hipster long hair.
Diane Keaton: Crash Course

Diane Keaton has worn prominent tortoiseshell frames since her Annie Hall days. They suit her quite quirky femenswear fashion statements.
Diane Lane and Josh Brolin: Smart & Sexy

Who says men don't make passes at women who wear glasses? This certainly isn't true in Diane Lane's case. Just ask her husband Josh Brolin.
Guy Pearce: Extra Credit

Australian actor Guy Pearce favors classic dark-framed eyewear when he's not on screen.
Helen Bonham Carter: The Eyes Have It

Helen Bonham Carter's nerd glasses suit her eclectic and eccentric personal style. Besides, her partner director Tim Burton wears them, too.
Johnny Depp:  A Mark of Individuality

Johnny Depp's thick framed glasses (often with violet-tinted lenses) along with his skull rings, multiple chains, tattoos and long hair are part of his personal style statement.
Robert Redford:  Study Hall
Bespectacled Robert Redford could teach us all a thing or two. Including how to look classy and intelligent.

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Mike and Monika


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