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Week of February 11th-17th - Vol 1, Issue 1
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Dear Movie Lover,

Discover Tune In and Watch
Connect with Tune In and Watch every day. The MoviesAndMore.tv program guide is delivered  daily to your inbox. You'll never miss a movie Plus, it's filled with celebrity news as well as behind the scenes  film views of what happens on and off the sets to stars, writers, directors and all the people who make movies even better than ever.


Movie Watch

Monday, February 11, 2013

12:00 am - Dancing Pirate (Romance)
01:23 am - At War With The Army (Comedy)
02:55 am - Evil Knievel
04:22 am - Hercules / Hercules Unchained
07:43 am - Bingo Confidential (Comedy)
09:12 am - Crazy Streets (Drama)
10:35 am - Convoy (Thriller)
12:19 pm - Clipping Adam (Drama)
01:46 pm - Bingo Confidential (Comedy)
03:15 pm - Crazy Streets (Drama)
04:38 pm - McLintock (Western)
06:46 pm - Gone With The West (Western)
07:30 pm - Hannibal Brooks (Comedy)
09:13 pm - Secret at Arrow Lake (Drama)
10:38 pm - Secret at Arrow Lake (Drama)

Click here for the complete schedule
Valentine's Special
As our Valentine's gifts, three romantic comedies. Check Coming Attractions for dates and times of Last Time I saw Paris with Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson, Charade with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant and Pajama Game with Doris Day and Rock Hudson.


Did You Know?
For our official opener we've chosen Dancing Pirate, a 1936 gem with music by the iconic team of Rogers and Hart. It's unique as the first musical shot in revolutionary-for-its-era three strip technicolor process. Today's surviving black and white version is a fun and fabulous showcase for Rita Hayworth (then known by her first stage name, Stefi Duna) in one of her earliest music and dancing roles.  You'll also recognize Frank Morgan, most famous for his 1939 portrayal of the title charactor in The Wizard of Oz  and here as an engaging song and dance man.  Knowing all these details are certain to make Dancing Pirate  even more of a treat when we show it again on Wednesday February 13th at 4:37PM (EST).


The Quiz
How well do you really know the stars? Take The Quiz and find out. But please don't peek at the answers shown upside down below.
A. Which famous hair stylist coiffed both Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Marilyn Monroe?
B. What was chic and slender actress Audrey Hepburn's favorite food?
C. Which actress and vocalist is thought to have inspired actress Kay Thompson to create the Eloise series of children's books?
Answer Sheet


Star Turn
Marilyn Monroe times four? How lucky can we get! Mmmm....MM not once, not twice but four times in a row when we feature some of her most unforgettable roles in a mini Marilyn Monroe Marathon on Saturday evening February 16th starting at 5P (EST). Beginning with her Golden Globe-nominated dramatic performance in Bus Stop, our repertiore turns to comedy with Prince and the Showgirl, How To Marry a Millionaire and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. In the dcades following her untimely death, Marilyn Monroecontinues to be both a pop and cultural icon. Besides being considered the greatest American sex symbol of all time, Miss Monroe was eminently quotable. Among her most notable:
"If you're gonna be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty".

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world."

"What do I wear to bed? Why, Chanel No.5 of course."


Director's Chair
Raleigh NC-based indie movie producer Mike Davis became front page news on Saturday December 1st 2012 for making the State capitol a star. Read all about it by clicking this link and watch for Mike Davis-directed A Box For Rob  and Destiny Road, coming soon to selected theatres across the US.


We welcome our readers' thoughts, comments and opinions to our Tune and Watch forum. We look forward to getting yours. Simply contact  Monica@moviesandmore.tv and let us know what's on your mind.


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Mike and Monika