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Week of February 25th to March 3rd 2013 - Volume One, Issue Three.
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Dear Movie Lover,
Sunday February 24th 2013 marked the 85th anniversary of the Acadamy Awards presentations when the iconic golden statuettes,
informally known as the Oscars were presented to the best of the best in all phases of American cinematography. More than a dozen catagories were recognized at this, perhaps the most prominent awards ceremony in the world.


The most recognized trophy in the world, the Oscar statuette hasn't changed since orignally designed by MGM art director
Cedric Gibbons. Gold plated over cast metal. they are created each year by R.S.Owens & Company, the Chicago-based awards manufacturer retained by the Acadamy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences since 1982. 


Wouldn't Metro Golden Mayer's Louis B. Mayer be proud of the awards he initiated at a small industry insider's ceremony originally held in the Crystal Ballroom of Hollywood's now-defunct Hotel Roosevelt so many years ago?
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Movie Watch

Monday, February 25, 2013

12:00 am - Dancing Pirate (Romance)
01:23 am - At War With The Army (Comedy)
02:55 am - Evil Knievel
04:22 am - Hercules / Hercules Unchained
07:43 am - Bingo Confidential (Comedy)
09:12 am - Crazy Streets (Drama)
10:35 am - Convoy (Thriller)
12:19 pm - Clipping Adam (Drama)
01:46 pm - Bingo Confidential (Comedy)
03:15 pm - Crazy Streets (Drama)
04:38 pm - McLintock (Western)
06:46 pm - Gone With THe West (Western)
07:30 pm - Hannibal Brooks (Comedy)
09:13 pm - Secret at Arrow Lake (Drama)
10:38 pm - Secret at Arrow Lake (Drama)

Click here for the complete schedule
Did You Know?
Horror movies have gotton a facelift. And wardrobe makeovers, too. Nowadays, fewer and fewer of the scary genre feature the icky, the slimey and the bulgey-eyed. Stars, too, are  more mainstream. Not like yesteryear when the mere mention of Lon Chaney and Vincent Price could send chills coursing down one's spine.


Since the movie-going public took a fancy to The Vampire Chronicles in 1994,  horror films are more likely to take place in elegant settings peopled by all manner of nicely dressed undead.


But the biggest story in the story of horror is about innovation and non-conformity in cinema. The genre has become a place where ideas can be expressed and radical techniques can be expressed. It is a place where filmmakers ooutside the mainstream can make a big cultural splash. If cinema itself has an unconscious, a dark little corner from which new ideas may emerge---blinking and malformed---it's the fabulous genre known as horror. 
By Mike Doares

During my teen years in a sleepy little North Carolina town, Wednesday and Thursday were Horror Nights at the Riverside Theatre. That's when the new double features cranked out by the old reliable B-movie studios would be on tap to scare the dickens out of you.


There was a seemingly unending stream so one could spend the entire evening for about nine cents, plus the cost of popcorn and a Dr. Pepper.


Among the memorable scarey movies of that era. The Blob with Steve McQueen and Creature From The Black Lagoon were hands-down favorites. I Was a Teenage Wherewolf was a sure-fire frightster and marked the film debut of Michael Landon. My personal pick: The Thing starring James Arness in the title role.


Check Coming Attractions for Saturday March 2nd for our roster of Horror Night and prepare to be scared.
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Mike and Monika