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Week of March 25th to March 31st 2013 - Volume One, Issue Seven.
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Dear Movie Lover,
This week, let's open with a pop quiz:
Name today's tough-guy actors who are equally talented at song and dance. A triple threat, if you will.


If we have you a bit befuddled, this week's Did You Know column will take a look at three who can shoot 'em up, step it up and belt it out.


Speaking of actors who can do more than one thing well, Star Turn will touch on the recent phenomenon of celebrity voice-overs. We're talking about major league actors who are James Earl Jonesing for some commercial action.


There's no other industry more talked about, read about or argued about than the movies. That said, it's often the trivia that makes the industry so mesmerizing to us. You'll want to hone your film knowledge by spending a moment or two on our Quiz.


Along with renewal and regrowth, Spring also signals another Force of Nature: NCAA basketball. For hoops fans, we're featuring the 1951 classic drama Basketball Fix  starring John Ireland. Check Movie Watch for the date and time and be sure to catch this sports film noir between  all the NCAA action.
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Movie Watch

Monday, March 25, 2013

12:00 am Santa Fe Trail (Drama)
01:50 am Savages (Drama)
03:03 am At War With The Army (Comedy)
04:34 am God Created Woman (Drama)
06:05 am Cockfighter (Drama)
07:29 am Morons from Outer Space (Comedy)
08:59 am Savages (Drama)
10:13 am Rescue From Gilligans Island (Comedy)
11:47 am McLintock (Western)
01:55 pm Charade (Romance)
03:49 pm Secret at Arrow Lake (Drama)
05:12 pm Hannibal Brooks (Comedy)
06:54 pm Bill Collector (Drama)
08:31 pm My Name Is Nobody (Western)
10:26 pm Bingo Confidential (Comedy)

Click here for the complete schedule
Star Turn: Guess Who's Talking
You know the moment---you're watching a commercial for yogurt or a car and all of a sudden you realize you know the voice that is telling you  just how delicious the key lime is or how much horse power the new model boasts.


Whether at the beginning of their career to get their foot in the door, at the end to hold onto the
slightest semblance of relevance or somewhere in the middle, celebrities have voiced commercials for years.Why? They're netting huge paydays for just hours of work. Plus, they're experienced actors who don't need a whole lot of direction to get it right the first time.


Here's just a few of the lines you may recognize as spoken by celebrities gone commercial:


So whether it's saving a moment or saving a life, it just has to work. Duracell, trusted everywhere. Spoken by Jeff Bridges.


Join the Nation that hangs up and drives. Spoken by Julia Roberts.


Bright. Crisp. Clean. Pure. This is Budweiser. This is beer. Spoken by George Clooney.


Every morning at Lowe's, our crews supply the finest pro-grade materials and equipment. Roll
in, load up and roll out. Spoken by Gene Hackman.


You may also recognize George Clooney as the voices on Campbell's Soup and Chevrolet commercials. Donald Sutherland touting Florida Orange Juice.  Christian Slater extolling the virtues of Panasonic Shavers.  While appearing visually may be an image-killer for A-list actors, lending their disembodied voices to commercials is an easy, low-stress---not to mention profitable---way of keeping busy between films.  
Did You Know?
Tough Guy Actors CAN Dance. And Sing. 
Triple threat. While nowadays in Hollywood this phrase refers to a writer-actor-director, back in the Golden Age of Film performers were expected to sing, dance and act with equal ability. Today if you look west of Broadway, such multifaceted talents are few and far between.

But they do exist. We've narrowed things down to three actors who can portray a bona fide tough guy with panache but who have been known to sing and dance proficiently.


First, Hugh Jackman. This performer has become the epitome of the modern day triple threat. Jackman was the subject of Oscar talk for his performance in Les Miserables. As a tough guy, he gained huge fanboy base as the brooding Wolverine in the X-Men film franchise. He'll reprise this popular role in The Wolverine, due out this year.


Up next, John Travolta. Already a household name with his song and dance performances in Grease  and Saturday Night Fever, it wasn't until the '90's when Quentin Tarantino revived Travolta's career with his tough guy role in Pulp Fiction.

Ever-versatile, in 2007 John Travolta showed up in drag as Edna Turnblad in Shampoo and reminded a new generation that the actor was a superlative song and dance man. His partner in terpsachore? Christopher Walken, a fabulous hoofer who can be  one tough customer, as he demonstrated in the 2012 fiilm Stand Up Guys


This list wouldn't be complete without Patrick Swayze. When he pulled Baby out of corner he made movie history as the Catskills dance instructor Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing. Swayze earned his tough guy street creds for his back to back roles in Road House and Point Break.


While they probably couldn't shoot straight, Fred Astaire and Maurice Chevalier certainly were traditional Hollywood triple threats.

Watch Astaire pull his best moves in Royal Wedding.  Then watch Chevalier put a Gallic spin on things in Black Tights.

Movie Watch will tell you when you may enjoy these full-blown classic triple threat musicals.
The Quiz
How well do you really know the stars? Take The Quiz and find out. But please don't peek at the answers shown at the bottom of this newsletter.
A. Lana Turner refused the lead role---ultimately played by Betty Davis---in which film?                                                 
B. In which 1939 film was Betty Davis passed over by Olivia deHavilland as leading lady?
C. As compensation, Betty Davis was offered the lead in which 1938 drama?
Back Talk
We welcome our readers' thoughts, comments and opinions to our Tune and Watch forum. We look forward to getting yours. Simply contact Monica@moviesandmore.tv and let us know what's on your mind.


The Quiz - Answers
A. Lana Turner refused the leading lady role in the 1964 film, Dead Ringer, which was played to critical acclaim by Betty Davis.
B. Olivia de Havilland won the leading role of Scarlett O'Hara over Betty Davis in the 1939 epic Gone With The Wind.
C. Losing out to Olivia deHavilland as Scarlett, Betty Davis was invited by William Wyler to play the euphonious lead in Jezebel. It marked the start of super stardom for Davis and garnered her a 1938 Best Actress Oscar .

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