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Week of March 4th to March 10th 2013 - Volume One, Issue Four.
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Dear Movie Lover,
It's a week apres Oscars circa 2013. And the take-aways included Jennifer Lawrence tripping eagerly toward the podium to claim honors for Best Actress in Silver Linings Playbook. Daniel Day-Lewis winning  his third Best Actor statuette for a brilliant portrayal of Lincoln. And Jack Nicholson sharing  the stage with a televised Michelle Obama to award Ben Affleck his well-deserved Best Picture accolades for Argo. Bravo all.


Now that the glitz has subsided---at least temporarily--- let's take a brief look into the year-round world of Oscar.  As you will learn,  the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is much more than its  glamorous annual awards bash.


We'll also take a  brief behind-the-scenes glimpse into movie-making as indie film director Mike Davis talks about the rigors and rewards of location-scouting.


Elizabeth Taylor is this week's Star Turn subject, as we share some little-known details of her off-camera moments.


And don't forget to test your movie mettle with our weekly quiz.
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Movie Watch

Monday, March 04, 2013

12:00 am - At War With The Army (Comedy)
01:31 am - Bobby Jo and the Outlaw (Thriller)
02:59 am - Convoy (Thriller)
04:44 am - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Comedy)
07:58 am - Bingo Confidential (Comedy)
09:28 am - Clipping Adam (Drama)
10:54 am - High Plains Drifter (Western)
12:39 pm - Kill Cruse (Drama)
02:17 pm - Real American Hero (Drama)
03:52 pm - Evil Knievel
05:20 pm - McLintock (Western)
07:27 pm - Five Corners (Drama)
09:02 pm - Bingo Confidential (Comedy)
10:30 pm - Bingo Confidential (Comedy)

Click here for the complete schedule
Did You Know?
Just who they are talking about when Oscar winners say...
"I'd like to thank the Academy"?

You've probably heard this phrase repeated over and over by Academy Award recipients. When declared by actors, directors, producers and all of those fortunate to hoist a coveted Oscar in a victory salute, it's a respectful bow the august members of The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences who are their colleagues and peers.

Although the most visible members, actors, directors and producers comprise only a percentage of the Motion Picture Academy roster. While we know it best as the organization behind the movie industry's most prestigious awards, this stellar evening is just a small part of the contributions made by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to cultural and scientific growth of the motion picture industry.

Today, as the film industry is being virtually transformed by a digital tsunami, the Academy has doubled its efforts in support of technical innovation. Its Science and Technology Council serves as a forum for discussion and research regarding important technological issues facing the world of movie-making.

Moreover, to examine the looming issues of archival storage of digital movie materials, the Academy has partnered with the Library of Congress to determine the most effective methods of preserving and protecting its cinematic legacy.

Education is another strong and viable outreach the Academy funds through media literacy, visiting artists,intern programs and fellowships.

To learn more, visit www.oscars.org.
Star Turn
Elizabeth Taylor: Tailor-Made For Stardom
A star since the age of twelve when she rode into movie history in National Velvet, Elizabeth Taylor was the consummate celebrity.

Actor, businesswoman and fierce activist, her stunning looks coupled with talent and star quality propelled Elizabeth Taylor into mainstream success that lasted until her death in 2011 . Her personal life---often tumultuous and with multiple marriages---only boosted her success.

Winner of two Oscars (Butterfield 8 in 1960 and Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe? in 1963) as well as the 1993 Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute, Elizabeth Taylor's career encompassed much more. A shrewd businesswoman, she parlayed her celebrity into lasting success in the perfume industry with two blockbuster fragrance lines; White Diamonds and Elizabeth Taylor's Passion.

Not content to simply lend her name to the label, Ms. Taylor was closely involved in the scent development process. And if that weren't enough, hit the road to introduce her fragrance collections at countless department stores in major American and European cities.

Throngs turned out to greet the legendary lavender eyed beauty as she answered questions about men, makeup and movies. Often dispensing beauty tips, she sometimes applied makeup for
fans clustered at fragrance counters. Ms. Taylor was quite adept since she frequently did her own makeup for films and personal appearances.

An ardent philanthropist, Elizabeth Taylor focused her considerable energies to AIDS research after her close friend Rock Hudson succumbed to the disease in 1985. She launched the Elizabeth Taylor HIV/AIDS Foundation 1991 in order to offer greater support for the sick and fund research for advanced treatment.

  ElizabethTaylor lived her life to the fullest, with great passion and humor. All attributes that come through in the three Elizabeth Taylor films we're showing this week. Each showcases her talent at specific points in her career; Father of the Bride as a young starlet. At the height of her beauty in Last Time I Saw Paris. And towards end of her run in filmdom with Richard Burton in Divorce His; Divorce Hers. Check Coming Attractions for dates and times.


The Quiz
How well do you really know the stars? Take The Quiz and find out. But please don't peek at the answers shown at the bottom of this newsletter.
A. In which film did Richard Butron make his screen debut?
B. Ronald Reagan acquired his nickname, "The Gipper", in what film?
C. Doris Day starred in which Alfred Hitchcock mystery, singing what hit song?


Director's Chair: Location...Location...Location
"It's almost as difficult finding the right one as casting the lead", states film producer Mike Davis, when discussing the importance of scouting  the right location for a movie.
Davis, who works with Uptone Pictures a Wake Forest NC entertainment company that produces independent films, continues, "One of the main reasons we established our offices in North Carolina was the variety of locations available in close proximity to each other. Beaches, big cities, mountains or small towns. North Carolina's got it all."
For example,recently, when shooting "A Box For Rob" a film in limited US and European distribution , Mike Davis was looking for a location that offered a small town feel as well as a vibrant downtown atmosphere. Concord NC was the answer.
After emailing Concord's Mayor about the possibility of shooting there, Davis met with city council members and officials who gave filmmakers the ok to not only shoot in the town but use Concord's name in the film.
In late November 2012, Mike Davis set up camp in North Carolina again. This time with Raleigh, the state capitol as the background for A Long Way Off, a retelling of the prodigal son parable in a modern context. Although Raleigh portrays the big city dictated by the script, it won't be identified as such. Davis  usually likes to give as much attention as possible to the North Carolina towns where he shoots, but in this instance Raleigh will remain anonymous so as not to typecast the film as a Southern story.
But when the film debuts, Raleigh residents will recognize scenes shot in and around the area. And if Mike Davis has his way, North Carolinians will catch glimpses of movie cameras and bright lights all around the state. "I believe in North Carolina," he declares, "and I plan to shoot alot of movies here."
Spoken like a true Tar Heel.


Back Talk
We welcome our readers' thoughts, comments and opinions to our Tune and Watch forum. We look forward to getting yours. Simply contact Monica@moviesandmore.tv and let us know what's on your mind.


The Quiz - Answers
A. Richard Burton's made his screen debut in the 1949 film, The Last Days of Dolwyn.
B. Ronald Reagan earned the knickname "The Gipper" in the 1940 biographical film, Knute Rockne.
C. Doris Day appeared in the 1956 Alfred Hitchcock thriller, The Man Who Knew Too Much, where she sang Que Sera, Sera,
(Whatever Will Be, Will Be.)


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