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Tune In And WatchMarch 9th - March 15th 2014. Volume 2, Issue 10
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Producers at New Line Cinema have slated the Jennifer Aniston-starring Mean Moms to debut in theatres nationwide come Spring 2015.

Adapted from advice books for parents penned by Rosalind Wiseman, Mean Moms will focus on a happily-married mother of two---played by Aniston--- who moves from small town America to the high class suburbs. In her new enviornment, Aniston faces the cutthroat world of competitive parenting and is forced to deal with some grown-up mean girls.

Aniston starred in the 2013 breakout comedy We're The Millers and will next be seen in Squirrels to the Nuts and Horrible Bosses 2.

Since timing in life is everything, New Line producers have scheduled Mean Moms to be released the weekend of May 8th 2015. Just in time for Mother's Day on Sunday May 10th! How about lunch and a movie, Mom?

Written by George Jacobs, Frank Sinatra's live-in valet from 1953 to1968, this is not a petty attempt for one more check and telling all to get it. It's more of an opportunity to show the many sides of Frank Sinatra. For example, Sinatra's marriage to Mia Farrow seems to have been one of the most ill-conceived celebrity marriages of all time. And after two years of one disaster after another with the 19-year old hippie, it was all over.

If Dolly, Sinatra's mother had her way Frank would have married Marilyn Monroe. But that was out of the question. Sinatra took four showers a day. By contrast, Monroe was frequently too depressed to bathe or wash her hair. Sinatra craved class. He'd been up and he'd been down and he liked it a lot better when he was king of Hollywood.

Oh and he was not cosmopolitan. In Italy, Jacobs cooked for him, using Dolly's recipe for Marinara Sauce. And he was petty. He fired Jacobs the Sinatra way. Had the locks changed. There was a lawyer's letter and a check for $12,000. Mr. S --- a guilty gossipy pleasure --- is available online from Amazon
Screen Shot

The year was 1974 and during the 46th Academy Awards ceremony, a thin dark-haied naked man suddenly came streaking out from stage left waving a two-fingered peace sign. In the ensuing uproar, it fell to Oscars co-host David Niven to keep things moving along, quipping "probably the only laugh that man will ever get is stripping and showing his shortcomings."

Even now, the streaking incident is widely cited as one of the Oscar's most memorable moments. But the incident's notoriety is also due to the unorthodox life of the streaker himself. A conceptual artist, photographer and gay rights activist, Robert Opal eventually landed in San Francisco where he established Fey-Way Studios in 1978 and was an early supporter of Robert Maplethorpe and other avant garde artists. The next year, Opal was murdered.

Now, almost forty years later, his nephew and namesake, Robert Opal, returned to the scene of the crime during the research and filming of Uncle Bob, the movie he directed about his famous relative.
Style Shot

It seems that one of the constant obsessions of film industry big shots is where to have lunch.Top producers, agents and executives have their favorite places to nosh. Where relationships are forged. Deals are done. And checks are fought over. But what most restaurants have in common isn't adventurous cuisine. Key factors of the film honchos picks in choosing where to lunch are location, quick service, staff that knows their names and even free valet service. This predilection for comfort and ease is reflected here.

1. SoHo House 9200 Sunset Blvd West Hollywood is an outpost of the London social club and is like an industry reunion every day.
2. The Polo Lounge 9641 Sunset Blvd Beverly Hills where the legacy and history are amazing---along with the famed McCarthy Salad.
3. Barney Greengrass 9570 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills lures power players to Barneys New York's fifth floor who like to shop après lunch.
4. Grill on the Alley 9560 Dayton Way Beverly Hills where deals come together and real business happens.
5. Cecconi's 8764 Melrose Ave West Hollywood is light, open and intimate at the same time and the patio is the main attraction.  
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Night Of The Living Dead
George Romero's Night of the Living Dead the low-budget homegrown classic that has become the most influential horror films of all times. It is considered the genesis of Hollywood's current zombie mania.

Running Time: 98 Minutes
Director: George A. Romero
Starring: Marilyn Eastman, Karl Hardman, Duane Jones, Judith O'Dea

High Plains Drifter
Wes Craven's Chiller

Chiller is the tour de force of a shadowy alternate reality where evil supernatural forces relentlessly torment helpless souls of those trapped in their horrifying path.


Running Time: 90 Minutes
Director: West Craven
Starring: Michael Beck, Craig Richard Nelson, Paul Sorvino

Concrete Cowboys
I Bury The Living

The manager of a cemetery begins a tortuous descent into insanity when people owning grave plots begin to die at an alarming rate --- seemingly by his hand.


Running Time: 77 Minutes
Director: Albert Band
Starring: Theodore Bikel, Richard Boone, Peggy Maurer

The Sundowners
Carnival Of Souls

An introverted church organ player is pursued by a terrifying ghoulish apparition beckoning her. Although she tries to run from this grinning stalker, there is no escape from the fate that awaits her.


Running Time: 78 Minutes
Director: Herk Harvey
Starring: Sidney Berger, Frances Feist, Candace Hillgoss

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