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Week of April 1st to April 7th 2013 - Volume One, Issue Eight
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Dear Movie Lover,
Writers have always enjoyed romantic personas. Think of  authors Norman Mailer...Ernest Hemingway...F. Scott Fitzgerald...Virginia Wolfe. They led more colorful personal lives than the characters  they created.


One author who has left an indelible stamp on books, theatre and film is Patrick Tanner aka Patrick Dennis ---justly acclaimed for inventing the world's most famous Aunt---the lady known as Mame.


And we do mean invented. Although rumors are always rife that Tanner/Dennis was the nephew of a real life dazzlingly charismatic aunt, nothing could be farther than the truth. She was totally a creature of his highly fertile imagination created by him right from the ground up. We'll explore more of Patrick Tanner/Dennis' life in this week's Did You Know column.


Dennis did, however, have a great deal to do with casting the right actress for the role Mame of both on Broadway and film. And it could have been no other than Rosaland Russell. MoviesAndMore.tv has the pleasure of bringing you Miss Russell in another of her stellar roles---her Academy Award winning performance as Rose Hovick in Gypsy. Russell's larger than life persona steals the show from Natalie Wood in the title role of a young Gypsy Rose Lee. Movie Watch will guide you to the date and time for this hit musical.


Of course, there are many instances when real people are the larger than life models for fictional characters. Such was the case with the gentleman jewel thief who inspired Cary Grant's role in the 1955 romantic thriller To Catch a Thief. Starring  with Grace Kelly, Grant's character was loosely based on the life of a notorious cat burglar named Peter Scott.


Cary Grant brought the same style and savoir fare to this role
as he did to the 1963 suspenseful romance Charade. And once again, his leading lady was a fashion icon. This time, Audrey Hepburn as the female lead, shares the spotlight with Grant and
Walter Matthau. Check Movie Watch for the logistics. It's a treat both for the story and Hepburn's exquisite Givenchy wardrobe.


Our Star Turn column will take a detour this week and reprint the Daily Telegraph of London obituary of the aforementioned  cat burglar, Peter Scott.


Try your hand at this week's Quiz and sharpen winning skills useful for trivia games and crossword puzzles!
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Movie Watch

Monday, April 01, 2013

12:00 am At War With The Army (Comedy)
01:30 am Wackiest Wagon Train (Comedy)
02:57 am I Bury the Living (Horror)
04:14 am Deserter (Western)
05:50 am Bad (Drama)
07:34 am Bill Collector (Drama)
09:11 am Crazy Streets (Drama)
10:33 am Hannibal Brooks (Comedy)
12:15 pm Real American Hero (Drama)
01:48 pm Morons from Outer Space (Comedy)
03:19 pm My Name Is Nobody (Western)
05:15 pm Breathless (Drama)
06:41 pm Coffin (Thriller)
08:09 pm McLintock (Western)
10:16 pm Embryo (Sci-Fi)

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Star Turn: Real-Life Cat Burglar
Was the cat burglar in Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief a work of fiction? We think not. A more plausible explanation is the character's  uncanny resemblance to the career of one Peter Scott, whose recent obituary we have excerpted from the Daily Telegraph of London.


Peter Scott, who has died at age 82, was an accomplished cat burglar, and as Britain's most prolific plunderer of the great and good took particular pains to select his victims from the ranks of aristocrats, film stars and even royalty.


According to a list of 100 names he supplied to The Daily Telegraph, he targeted figures such as Shirley MacLaine, the Shah of Iran, Judy Garland and even Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.


In the course of thieving jewellery and artworks from Mayfair mansions, Bond Street shops and stately homes, Scott also served Fleet Street as handy headline fodder, being variously hailed the "King of the Cat Burglars, "Burglar to the Stars" or the "Human Fly".


Always a meticulous planner, Scott bought a new suit before each job so he would not look out of place in the premises he was burgling. Fear and the possibility of capture excited him.


During one break-in he related that  "a titled lady appeared at the top of the stairs". "Everything's all  right, madam," I shouted up, and she went off to bed thinking I was the butler". On other occasions, if disturbed by the occupier, he would shout reassuringly, "it's only me".


In the 1950s and 1960s Scott pinpointed his targets by perusing the society columns in the Daily Mail and Daily Express. Nor did he ease up with the approach of middle age. In the 1980's, he was still scaling walls and drainpipes. By the mid-1990s, Scott had served twelve years in prison and claimed to have retired from a life of crime. But in 1998 he was jailed for another three and a half years for participating in the theft of a Picasso.


In his memoirs, "Gentleman Thief", Scott confessed to "an obscene passion for larceny", motivation that would eventually secure him a haul of art and jewellery worth millions of pounds. However, Scott ended up broke, reflecting ruefully that " I gave all my money to head waiters and tarts".


Peter Scott, born February 18 1931, died March 17 2013.
Did You Know?
Patrick Tanner aka Dennis
A Life That Reads Like Fiction 
Under his pseudonyms of Patrick Dennis and Virginia Rowans, Edward Everett (Pat) Tanner III was the author of sixteen successful novels.  Auntie Mame,  An Irreverent Escapade (1955) was one of the best-selling American books of the 20th century.


Chicago-born and raised in Evanston Illinois, he attended the local high school where he excelled in writing and theater. In 1942, Pat Tanner joined the American Red Cross, working as an ambulance driver in North Africa and the Far East. He married fellow author and Manhattan socialite Louise Stickney in 1948 with whom he had two children.


Mame's first edition spent 112 weeks on the bestseller list, selling more than 2,000,000 copies in five different languages. The manuscript was turned down by fifteen publishers before being accepted by the Vanguard Press. Throughout 1955 and 1956, Auntie Mame sold between 1,000 and 5,000 copies per week. In 1956, with Auntie Mame, The Loving Couple: His (and Her) Story and Guestward Ho! Dennis became the only writer to date ever to have three books simultaneously on the New York Times bestseller list.


Tanner made millions. Became the toast of Manhattan society and had his works adapted into wildly successful plays, musicals, TV shows and films. But he also spent every cent he ever made. His work fell out of fashion in the 1970's and all of his books went out of print. After a stint as
an art gallery owner in Mexico, he left writing to become a butler for Ray and Joan Kroc, founders of McDonald's. Although Patrick Tanner was at long last using his real name, his employers had no inkling that their perfectionist major domo was a world famous author. It was a role Tanner relished.


Surrounded by his always devoted family, Patrick Tanner died of cancer in Manhattan at the age of 55. Recently, his work has attracted renewed interest and many of his novels are once again available. His son, Dr. Michael Tanner, wrote introductions to several reissues of his father's books. Some of Patrick Tanner's original manuscripts are held at Yale University, others at Boston University.


Patrick Tanner lived life to the fullest in a world only he could have created.
The Quiz
How well do you really know the stars? Take The Quiz and find out. But please don't peek at the answers shown at the bottom of this newsletter.
A. How old was Cary Grant when he played the cat burglar in To Catch a Thief?
B. What life-changing experience happened to Grace Kelly while filming To Catch a Thief  in Monaco?
C. What subsequent film did Grace Kelly make with director Alfred Hitchcock?
Back Talk
We welcome our readers' thoughts, comments and opinions to our Tune and Watch forum. We look forward to getting yours. Simply contact Monica@moviesandmore.tv and let us know what's on your mind.


The Quiz - Answers
A. Cary Grant was 50 when he portrayed the 35 year old cat burglar, doing most of his own stunts.
B. While on a publicity shoot during filming of To Catch a Thief,  Grace Kelly met her future husband Prince Ranier.
C. Her marriage to Ranier marked the end of Grace Kelly's film career, even though Hitchcock tried to sign her for the starring role in Marnie.

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