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Tune In And WatchApril 6th - April 12th 2014. Volume 2, Issue 14
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Perhaps Kevin Spacey has been bitten by the political bug. The actor, who plays dastardly politician Francis Underwood in Netflix's House of Cards, is about to tackle Winston Churchill.

Spacey is set to star in Captain At The Gate, a biopic following Winston Churchill's life and focusing on the years he was U.K. prime minister from 1940-43 and again from 1951-55. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century.

The film will chronicle Churchill's rise to power as he stood against the British Parliament to defend Great Britain and the world from Adolph Hitler's Third Reich

Lt. Col. Steven Cole likes to say that the U.S.Army has been working with Hollywood before Hollywood even existed. The long-standing relationship dates back to 1927 when the Army provided an airplane for Wings, the first Academy Award winner for best picture.

Cole is the middleman between the entertainment industry and the service. helping provide production companies access to military equipment, bases, personnel and information. The shows the Army has supported in recent years include Army Wives, Man of Steel, Jackie Robinson's biopic 42 and the SEAL Team feature, Lone Survivor.

Before production began on the WW2 drama Fury set for November 2014 release, Cole's office sent Brad Pitt. Shia LaBeouf and their co-stars to Fort Irvin California to research their roles. The cast spent the night embedded with a unit.

"Our job is to educate Americans about the Army," said Cole, "and even though Brad Pitt is only one guy, people pay attention to what he does."
Screen Shot
What's The Last Word in Canine Luxury? DESIGNER DOG BEDS
Part work of art, part canine throne, designer dog beds bring new meaning to the term pampered pooch with contemporary versions hand crafted by a team of Italian artisans. The range invites animal lovers to select doggie domiciles to complement every interior aesthetic as both a sophisticated designer furnishings accessories and five-star housing for pups.

If the $1750 starting price didn't make the collection exclusive enough, the limited edition beds are inscribed with production numbers from maximum batches of 200.

As more and more acclaimed designers are turning their paws to suit man's best friend, it seems the dog house may soon be the most desirable place to be.
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Take A Walk On The Unique Side...

If owning a pair of Prada shoes that no one else has is high on your wish list, read on. Now is the chance to customize designs from its Decollete Collection. For a limited time only, the high profile designer brand has invited customers to create their own perfect pair of shoes. with heel height, fabrics and sole color all decided by the client.

At approximately $900, all details are decided by the clients. And the possibilities are endless. Stylewise: pumps or peeptoes, platforms or flats. Then there's fabrics and heel heights to be determined. And of course, color to be selected for both the body and sole of the shoe. But the easiest decision of all is when it comes to providing one's initials which will adorn said soles in amber colored metal.

A lovely additional touch is that just one month later, the shoes will be delivered complete with color coordinated packaging to harmonize with the contents inside.

Surely the hardest decision of all will be settling on just one pair...one color combination.
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The Agency

Subliminal advertising is used to brainwash television audiences as part of a mind control conspirancy. The ad agency creative director's (Robert Mitchum) life is jeopardized when he learns the agency's ad campaign contains subversive political propaganda designed to swing a national election.

Political Drama
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Director: George Kaczender
Starring: Lee Majors, Robert Mitchum, Valerie Perrine

The Boxer

Teddy "Cherokee" Wilcox has gone from prison to Vietnam's killing fields to the boxing ring. He's on his way to being champ until he wins a fight big-time gamblers want him to lose. Mobsters kill his manager and make it look like Wilcox did it. He retaliates, staying one step behind the murderer and just ahead of the law.


Crime Sports Drama
Running Time: 72 Minutes
Director: Franco Prosperi
Starring: Robert Blake, Ernest Borgnine, Catherine Spaak

Evel Knievel

Get ready for a wild ride! No stunt was too impossible for Evil Knievel to attempt. The more outrageous and death-defying the better, no matter the physical and personal price he paid for his incredible success.


Adventure Drama
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Starring: Bert Freed, Rod Cameron, George Hamilton, Sue Lyon

They Call It Murder

Earl Stanley Gardner of Perry Mason fame, penned this thriller. A small town district attorney is saddled with several major investigations, including a gambler's murder and a possible insurance scam.


Crime Mystery
Running Time: 95 Minutes
Director: Walter Grauman
Starring: Ed Asner, Lloyd Bochner, Jim Hutton, Leslie Nielsen, Jessica Walter

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