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Week of May 13th to May 19th 2013 - Volume One, Issue Fourteen
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Dear Movie Lover,
Anne Hathaway...the New Blonde Bombshell...Sarah Jessica Parker's "Mohawk" at the Met...and We Love Paris--- for Great French Films.


Joining the ranks of Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Bridgette Bardot, Anne Hathaway debuted her surprise color and style change at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Gala 2013
in New York this week. To rave fashion and beauty reviews as the most elegant sex kitten of all!


This year's annual star-studded Gala focused on Punk Fashion. And in keeping with the theme, Sarah Jessica Parker sported the Mohawk headdress to end all Mohawk hairdos...all gilt, bedazzled and bejeweled.


The recent Met soiree rivaled any Louis The Who Versailles celebration. Which brings us across the Pond to Paris. Home of fine wines, fashion. And fabulous films. This week's agenda runs the gamut, including And God Created Woman (1956), Breathless (1960), Diabolique  (1955), Madamoiselle Striptease  (1956)  and Rules of the Game (1939).


Check MovieWatch for dates and times. Break out the Chablis, Brie and pastries. Then apprecier le spectacle! 
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Movie Watch

Monday, May 13, 2013

12:00 am Single Room Furnished (Drama)
01:30 am Fat Spy (Comedy)
02:52 am Convoy (Thriller)
04:35 am Holyman Undercover (Comedy)
05:58 am Coffin (Thriller)
07:26 am Clipping Adam (Drama)
08:51 am Return To Treasure Island (Thriller)
10:34 am Rescue From Gilligans Island (Comedy)
12:10 pm Coffin (Thriller)
01:38 pm Bingo Confidential (Comedy)
03:06 pm Bill Collector (Drama)
04:44 pm Clipping Adam (Drama)
06:11 pm Coffin (Thriller)
07:39 pm Secret at Arrow Lake (Drama)
09:03 pm Rock Rock Rock (Drama)
10:28 pm God Created Woman (Drama)

Click here for the complete schedule
Star Turn:
French Movies: Viva La Difference! 
It's no surprise that the French have created some of the most romantic, risque and entertaining movies in the history of filmdon.


But it may be a surprise to some that France is the birthplace of cinema and is responsible for its early and significant contributions.  Auguste and Louis Lumiere invented cinematography in the late 1800's and are considered to be the pioneers of the industry. Due to their innovations, the French film industry in the late 19th century was among the world's most important.


World Wars I and II took an enormous toll on French filmdom, allowing the US to thrive. But France perservered, creating such genres as poetic realism, French impressionist cinema and the New Wave era.


French film greats on both sides of the camera made great strides thrived in this historically creative atmosphere.
When  director Roger Vadim's And God Created Woman (1956) was released in the US in 1957, it not only pushed but shoved the boundaries of sex on film shown in American theatres. Consequently, the movie is widely recognized as the vehicle that launched Bridgette Bardot and created her "sex kitten" persona, making her an overnight sensation worldwide.


One of the earliest and most influential examples of the French New Wave is Jean-Luc Godard's  Breathless  (1960),  which he both wrote and directed starring  Jean Seaberg and Jean-Paul Belmondo. At it's debut, the film attracted much attention for its bold visual style and  the innovative first use of jump cuts.


Brigette Bardot was forever enshrined as a sex kitten icon in the 1956 
Madmoiselle Strip-Tease. Co-scripted and directed by her new husband Roger Vadim, Bardot firmly secures international stardom in this saucy French farce.


Les Diaboliques(1955) is widely thought to be the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock's thriller Psycho.
Directed by Henri Georges Clouzot and starring Simone Signoret, Vera Clouzot and Paul Meurisse, the story blends elements of thriller and horror. Now considered a classic of the horror genre and film in general, Les Diaboliques  ranked forty-ninth on Bravo Channel's list of 100 Scariest Movie Moments.


Perhaps the oldest on our schedule, Rules of the Game (1939), is the most important. Directed by Jean Renior, second son of French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renior, it centers on upper-class French society just before the start of World War II. This movie is often cited as one of the greatest in the history of cinema. In 2012, a poll of international critics  by Sight and Sound Magazine ranked it fourth, behind VertigoCitizen Kane  and Tokyo Story.  Not bad for a film that's nearly seventy five years old.


Screen junkies will attest classic French films are "must sees". An entire segment of actors and directors have become industry icons. As our Parisian friends say: Ca va sans dire. Which, for those just starting French Rosetta Stone lessons, translates to "it goes without saying".
Did You Know?
When In France... 
The French are different. Women, in particular. Chic, svelte and intellectual, they have that certain je ne sais quoi.


Freely translated to mean an indefinable, elusive quality one senses in a French woman overall.


Is it because they never diet, yet stay svelte? Always appear effortlessly put together, from coiffure to footwear?


Should a woman wish to enhance her appearance with the grace, style and carriage of our French counterparts, keep reading.


Embrace your femininity. Make sure your hair is well-conditioned and shiny. Complexion should be glowing. Professionally done or at home, weekly manicures and pedicures ensure a totally groomed appearance.


French women don't look made-up. They rely on daily skin care---face and body. That way, makeup can be kept to a minimum for natural, sophisticated beauty. For everyday, the formula is foundation, mascara and a good lip gloss.


Comfort is important. But the French do it differently. Instead of sneakers and sweats, it's skinny black jeans, an immaculate white ladies' t-shirt and cute flats for casual chic.


Walk everywhere! Your waist and thighs will thank you a million times over. Include walking---one of the best exercises in the world--- in your daily life and staying slim will not be a problem.


The French diet is different. They start the day with a continental breakfast, a large lunch and again, a small dinner. They serve meals on smaller plates to fool the eye and the appetite, as in the old saying, "less is more."


Try this easy-to-follow routine and you could be more sultry and stylish in no time. Viva la difference!
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