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Week of May 20th to May 26th 2013 - Volume One, Issue Fifteen
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Dear Movie Lover,
Great Gatsby: Best Read  and NOT Seen? F.Scott Fitzgerald wrote Gatsby in 1925. Called  "a classic of twentieth century American fiction" by the New York Times, over 25 million copies have sold worldwide. Four films have been made based on the book---the most recent starring Leonardo DiCaprio released in May 2013---as well as an HBO special and Metropolitan 
Opera production.


But no film treatment either on large and small screens beats the impact of the book itself. Dear Movie Lover, run---don't walk---to a bookstore, library or online book seller. You'll read for yourself how words speak louder than spectacle.


Then there's Iron Man 3...In theaters around the world less than a month, the Disney/Marvel threequel is already a billion dollar hit. Along with Gwynneth Paltrow, Robert Downey takes the audience on a superhero thrill ride.


What's the difference between these two films?  Believable fantasy. Iron  Man has it. Gatsby doesn't. It's an immeasurable quality fought for by some authors whose books become films.


Herman Wauk is one of those, as you'll understand viewing Marjorie Morningstar, being shown this week on Wauk understood the transition from printed page to celluloid. But insisted the screenplay not stray too far from the novel.'s original story line.


You'll enjoy this melodrama about a young  girl coming of age in 1958 Manhattan. Movie Watch will tell you when to gather 'round the computer, tablet or smartphone and see how, in human nature, everything changes and remains the same.


Baby Bumps are everywhere...from Buckingham Palace to Beverly Hills. And the famous mothers-to-be are proud to show off in fabulous fashions. There was a time, though, when stars, celebs and socialites went to great lengths to cover up coming blessed events. Check out Star Turn for all the details.
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Movie Watch

Monday, May 20, 2013

12:00 am Single Room Furnished (Drama)
01:30 am Fat Spy (Comedy)
02:52 am Holyman Undercover (Comedy)
04:14 am Coffin (Thriller)
05:41 am God Created Woman (Drama)
07:13 am Clipping Adam (Drama)
08:39 am Rescue From Gilligans Island (Comedy)
10:15 am Coffin (Thriller)
11:43 am Bingo Confidential (Comedy)
01:11 pm Bill Collector (Drama)
02:48 pm Clipping Adam (Drama)
04:13 pm Five Corners (Drama)
05:48 pm Coffin (Thriller)
07:15 pm Secret at Arrow Lake (Drama)
08:39 pm Savages (Drama)
09:54 pm Marjorie Morningstar (Drama)

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Star Turn:
Pregnant Fashion Pauses 
From Buckingham Palace to Beverly Hills, baby bumps are blossoming all over! Stars, celebrities and socialites are making international style statements by proudly showing off impending heir-dom.


Of course, this is nothing new. Medieval European royalty celebrated maternity in definitely pronounced garb that heralded the continuation of the ruling monarchy. In many countries, the expectant royal's wardrobe was mimicked by ladies of the court  and female citizenry.


Then came Queen Victoria. The mother of nine, all of whom became spouses of Europe's ruling classes, Victoria herself swathed herself in yards of body-hiding fabric. Kind of interesting when one calculates that Victoria was pregnant almost eight years of her life.


It was due to Victorian prudism that the category of 'maternity wear' was established. The common wisdom was that dressing in smocks and tents was healthier for Mom and babe than more constrictive clothing.


Even as late as the 1960's to 1980's, celebrities took to this notion of hiding one's delicate condition. When Grace Kelly became enciente, the French leatherware House of Hermes created the satchel-like Kelly bag. The idea was that Her Highness of Monaco could hold the bag over the designated area and fool the paparazzi until the monarches chose to make their announcement.


French designer Hubert de Givenchy created the tent silhouette for mother-to-be Audrey Hepburn. Rumor has it that, so garbed, she fashionably fooled movie-goers when starring in the 1963 thriller Charade.


Today, the elegant expectants are once again setting the fashion pace. In fact, they are favoring flats over stilettos, making flat-heeled shoes the footwear of choice for Spring and Summer 2013.
So, for the latest trends, look not to the skinny runway trodders, but to Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, to Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson. They've got the look and they've got their
glow on.
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