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Week of June 3rd to June 9th 2013 - Volume One, Issue Seventeen
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Dear Movie Lover,
And June 3rd Is No Exception


Historically, this day in June played host to a plethora of events that range from the bombing of Paris (1940) to the banning of rock'n roll in Santa Cruz California (1956).


June 3rd also falls smack in the center of Film Festival season. I mean the majors. And that means Cannes, the most important date on filmmakers' calendars. Cannes attracts hundreds of parties, glamour, yachts and celebrities. And this year's event, held from May 15th to May 26th was no exception.


Then the show moves on to Berlin and Venice before we cross the pond to the US and Telluride. The calendar continues with high spots from Sundance to Tribeca.


You don't have to travel abroad or attend the US majors. Film festivals are popping up all over the USA this summer. Check with your state's film commission to find what's scheduled near you.


It's a fabulous opportunity to see movies before they hit your local cinema. You can even attend meet and greets with filmmakers, script writers and stars. They may not be well known today. But who knows? They just might be on major theater marquees tomorrow.
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Movie Watch

Monday, June 03, 2013

12:00 am Victory At Sea Vol 1 (Drama)
12:26 am Secret at Arrow Lake (Drama)
01:51 am Holyman Undercover (Comedy)
03:13 am Hannibal Brooks (Comedy)
04:56 am Coffin (Thriller)
06:25 am Crazy Streets (Drama)
07:47 am My Name Is Nobody (Western)
09:42 am Bill Collector (Drama)
11:20 am Clipping Adam (Drama)
12:45 pm Bingo Confidential (Comedy)
02:14 pm Clipping Adam (Drama)
03:40 pm Secret at Arrow Lake (Drama)
05:03 pm Bingo Confidential (Comedy)
06:32 pm Bill Collector (Drama)
08:09 pm Coffin (Thriller)
09:36 pm At War With The Army (Comedy)
11:07 pm Victory At Sea Vol 1 (Drama)
11:33 pm Victory At Sea Vol 2

Click here for the complete schedule
Star Turn: Film Festivals Are More Than Red Carpet Opportunities 
It's a showcase! A showplace! The zenith of see and be seen. But red carpets notwithstanding, choosing the right film festival strategy can define the future of a producer's movie. So budgeting and submitting---as well as attending---the right ones is increasingly important.


The reality of the right film festival formula is that buyers, distributors and sales agents focus on a number of different festivals for a number of different purposes. Although exhibitors and other attendees may crave the glamour of major festivals, the smart ones align their choices with those of the aforementioned group, zeroing in on their business, geographical or political positions in the world.


Probably the best-known film festival in the world is held at Cannes.  The other two of what is known as the prestigious "Big Three" are held in Berlin and the oldest, in Venice.


From May 15th through May 26th, the seaside town of Cannes becomes the epicenter of filmdom and the awards---although important---take a back seat to the busiest movie market in the world.
Master classes, producer's networks and of course, the exhibitions, make Cannes a "must" destination for serious denizens of filmdom.


Founded in 1951 at the initiative of the US Film Office, the Berlin Film Festival---known as the Berlinale--- is a major industry meeting for the international film circuit that attracts approximately 20,000 professionals from over 130 countries. The film competitions garner winners a Gold, Silver or Crystal Bear Award.


More cosmopolitan and sophisticated than the all-out glitz of Cannes, the Berlinale's red carpet attracts its fair share of major movie stars and celebrities. The festival has established a character that integrates art, glamor, commerce and global media attention.


The Venice International Film Festival is the oldest in the world. Founded in 1932, the festival takes place annually from August 29th through September 8th on the Venetian island of the Lido. It is one of the world's most prestigious film festivals and is part of the Venice Biennale, for over a century one of the world's leading cultural institutions.


Coveted Golden Lions Awards are presented in several categories for films, actors, producers, directors. The Venice Film Festival presents a cinematic panorama of works with a wider view towards emerging trends. It is a magnet for the "crema pasticcera" of filmdom who strut their stuff against the magical Venetian background. Think Al Pacino...Spike Lee...Sylvester Stallone.
Did You Know?
The Red Carpet:
Walk of Fame or Shame?
How ironic is this? $1million worth of jewelry stolen in Cannes after THE BLING RING screening. Not one, but TWO jewel heists took place within days of The Bling Ring premiere. One involved a safe being ripped out of a wall. Life imitating art? 

As for fashion? Cannes is basically an excuse to dress like a Vegas showgirl without going to Nevada. Nowhere on earth is it more acceptable to wear sequins, animal prints, feathers and denim---all at the same time!

Instead of the same boring In and Out at Cannes list, we'll report. You decide.

Once you've recovered from the glare of a million sequins, there's the sheer delight of a couture gown made entirely of biscuit tins. How does one sit down, Cookie?

Speaking of sweets, divine Nicole Kidman once again took the cake in Christian Dior. Making her the Festival's Most Fashionable Juror. She also managed not to overshadow the stars of the films she was judging.

Julianne Moore's escaping toes caused quite a fuss. Should we feel good about the world being more interested in shoe malfunctions than stars caught without panties?

Bringing to mind Eva Longoria. Or should we blot out her wardrobe malfunction?

Cannes, being Cannes remains a must be there-must be seen circus of fashion, talent and shameless self-promotion. It's extraordinary theater that's all part of the fabulous world of film. Bravo to it all!
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