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Week of July 1st to July 7th 2013 - Volume One, Issue Twenty One.
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Dear Movie Lover,
And just how old is the Good Ole USA?
Well, that depends upon what you consider to be the birth of the Nation. If you measure from the Declaration of Independence in 1776, then the country is 237 years old.
However, what followed the War for Independence was actually a loose and ill-fated confederacy that fell apart because nothing compelled the infant states to cooperate and fund an army.
The United States as we know it today really started with the
Constitution which went into effect in 1789, making the current Republic 216 years old.
England, however, recognized the United States in 1783, so if you ask them, the US is 222 years old.
No matter what the number, the Fourth of July is a day to celebrate! is doing our part by bringing you a week's worth of films featuring some of thr world's most glamorous females in their best cinema roles.
Scattered through this week's schedule are Marlene Dietrich in Blue Angel, Marilyn Monroe in Bustop, Catherine Deneave's unforgettable Liaisons Dangerous, Brigette Bardot in And God Created Woman. Plus many more.
MovieWatch will assist in finding these gems. All of them exceptionally see-worthy!
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Movie Watch

Monday, July 01, 2013

12:00 am Victory At Sea Vol 1 (Drama)
12:26 am Rock Rock Rock (Drama)
01:51 am Real American Hero (Drama)
03:25 am Marjorie Morningstar (Drama)
05:31 am Lagerfelt Confidential (Drama)
07:03 am Convoy (Thriller)
08:46 am Mademoiselle Striptease (Drama)
10:29 am Marjorie Morningstar (Drama)
12:36 pm McLintock (Western)
02:43 pm God Created Woman (Drama)
04:14 pm Pajama Game (Comedy)
05:55 pm Coffin (Thriller)
07:23 pm Secret at Arrow Lake (Drama)
08:46 pm High Plains Drifter (Western)
10:31 pm Bingo Confidential (Comedy)

Click here for the complete schedule
Star Turn:
Filmland's Ten Best Eating Scenes 
Break out the silverware for the list of great grub caught on camera!
We've compiled our ten favorite food-on-film moments of all time.  This is not a list of our favorite chow-focused flicks---though a staple like Babette's Feast---has made the cut. Instead we've widened the pool to choose scenes across all genres that can simply get stomachs rumbling. See if you agree.
Those who wish to make their own would benefit from a close viewing of the original Godfather
for a decent Sunday gravy recipe As made by Capo Peter Clemenza:  " You start with a little bit of oil. They you fry some garlic. Then you throw in some tomatoes, tomato paste. You fry it and make sure it doesn't stick. You get it to a boil. You shove all your sausage, meatballs. Add a little bit of wine and a little bit of sugar---that's my trick".
JULIE & JULIA (2009)
Julia Child's transformative first encounter with sole meuniere at La Couronne in Rouen, is the stuff of legends. Child called the 1948 meal the most exciting of her life---an epiphany. Meryl Streep re-creates the moment with proper reverence and delight in Nora Ephron's feature, moaning and giggling through each luscious bite.
THE JERK (1979)
Noveau Riche buffoon Navin Johnson---as played by Steve Martin---wants another bottle of wine. But a 1966 Chateau Latour won't do. "Bring us some fresh wine. The freshest you've got---this year. No more of this old stuff!"
Pixar's brilliant romp is a delight for gastronomes. The climactic scene, in which the jaded critic finally bites into Remy's ratatouille is a beautiful paeen to the transporting power of food. In a single moment, Ego's eyes widen and the restaurant seems to drop away as he's transported back to his childhood home, where his mother is cooking for him.
TOM JONES (1963)
It's almost hard to believe that the bawdy scene in this British period comedy---in which raffish adventurer Tom Jones and lusty housemaid Jenny Jones ravage a multi-course meal---passed the censors in 1963. The pair stare into each other's eyes as they gorge on a sumptuous feast, slurping soup, gnawing turkey legs, devouring ripe pears and swallowing oysters with erotic aplomb.
Family drama, tensions and romance are centered on the table in Ang Lee's Taiwanese marriage comedy. The opening scene, however, hones in on the solitary poetry of the kitchen as retired master chef Chu rhythmically prepares for an elaborate Sunday banquet.
All Robert Dupea (Jack Nicholson) wants is a side order of toast with his omelet. The dialogue of this famous order: "What do you mean you don't make side orders of toast? You make sandwiches don't you? I'd like a chicken salad sandwich on wheat toast. No mayonnaise, no butter, no lettuce and hold the chicken salad".
It's been re-created countless times, but nothing is quite as charming as the titular twosome sharing a plate of pasta and meatballs in a back alley.
The food critic's affected intonation and over-the-top snobbery is a tad dated. Still, there's heartwarming appeal when a "superb" review on TV sends a small time pizzeria crew into ecstatic squeals of delight.
When a French housekeeper---the film's heroine---wins the lottery she uses her new fortune to prepare a scrumptious meal for her employers, two pious Danish sisters, their minister father and fellow parishioners. Though the diners attempt to deny the earthly pleasures of fine red wine, decadent cheeses and other Gallic edibles, their eyes glaze over with delight as they politely but ravenously scrape their plates clean.
Did You Know?
Celebrity Truths---Nekked and Otherwise
He played virtuoso piano on major concert stages all over the globe. But lost his nerve at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. With three of New York's finest Men in Blue keeping things in check, legions of loyal fans snaked around the block waiting to buy copies of his biography and utter words of praise while he penned autographs just for them.
But things had come to a standstill in the store manager's office, where the Maestro and his wife, a member of concert world nobility, sat totally still with deer in the headlights expressions frozen on their very recognizable faces.  They would not budge despite the entreaties of his manager and publicity team.
Then a miracle arrived in the form of their red-headed five foot two and ninety-eight pound personal assistant. Without missing a beat, with hands on hips, she unleashed a barrage of Italian
that had the effect of blasting the timid twosome out of their chairs, through the door to be seated at the book-signing desk. With smiles all around, books were sold and signed while fans gushed good wishes. When asked what the dynamo said to get that reaction? Her response?
"'s a secret".
THE $35000.00 CABOOSE
There's a fabulous fashion personality---TV star and former runway model for Chanel and other French fashion houses---who had a problem that followed her everywhere. A flat as a pancake derriere. No amount of workouts, padding or superbly cut couture could hide the problem.
Vowing to do something about it, she had her people research every possibly solution. Then one day a cosmetic plastic surgeon was a guest on her cable TV talk show. Afterwards  in the Green Room, she asked his advice. He responded by suggesting the flat one book into his Caribbean Medi Spa for treatment with a newly-introduced super souped-up formula of a very popular dermal filler.
A much thicker version of one being used  to fill in lines lines and wrinkles around eyes and noses, the formula had to be ordered from abroad and shipped directly to the plastic surgeon at his Medi-Spa. The doctor and his trusty assistant,  Miss Fabulous and  her entourage met at his office at appointed time. Then it was bottoms up with Miss Fab rear-ended over a lounge chair. She bit her lip bravely as the doctor pumped up the volume of her contours with $35000.00 worth of super-strength butt plumper.
The two hour long procedure created the bodacious backside Miss Fabulous desired. She enjoys the curves to this day. Thanks to periodic re-plumping injections, at this point, she's probably proudly sashaying a million dollar booty.
Oh what the rich and famous will do to avoid their adoring public. A very recognizable white-maned
Parisian couture proved that point while lunching at an Upper East Side cafe that caters to the see-and-be-seen scene.
Having recently shed himself into attractive slimness, the aforesaid fashion star was about to tuck into his perfectly steamed veggies when, two tables away, a group of wealthy but obviously out-of- towners did the unthinkable. They acknowledged him! Then started to approach his table! Mon Dieu! How to avoid their adoration? Thinking quickly, he did the only thing possible.
Grabbing the huge white napkin from his lap, the international celebrity rendered himself "invisible" by draping it over his head.
Needless to say, the well-heeled groupies had second thoughts about venturing near. And the sanctity of the King of Couture's table went undisturbed.
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