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Week of July 29th to August 5th 2013 - Volume One, Issue Twenty-Five.
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Dear Movie Lover,
As the whole world knows...
Congratulations to the Cambridges, the Middletons, the Windsors and the entire British Commonwealth.
One of filmdom's favorite topics, the lives, loves and general goings-on of England's kings, queens and royals in general have entranced audiences ever since well....ever!
From the mid- 1960's right up until 2012, approximately 47 movies have chronicled the lives, loves, adventures and mis-adventures of monarchs from Henry Vlll until Elizabeth ll. And lots of princes, princesses, major and minor courtiers and courtesans as well.
In fact, a current British princess (though reputedly on the Queen's Out List)---Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, directed The Young Victoria.
Her prize winning major motion pictures starred Emily Blunt in a beautifully rendered bio-pic about the early life and everlasting love (Prince Albert) of England's longest reigning, highly-revered monarch who was almost as best-loved as Elizabeth ll, the phenomenon who currently occupies the British throne.
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Movie Watch

Monday, July 29, 2013

12:00 am Bedford SPRINGS (Drama)
01:27 am Animal Farm (Drama)
02:39 am Clipping Adam (Drama)
04:05 am Embryo (Sci-Fi)
05:48 am Rock Rock Rock (Drama)
07:14 am Secret at Arrow Lake (Drama)
08:37 am Return To Treasure Island (Thriller)
10:20 am Pride Of Jesse Hallam (Drama)
11:57 am Holyman Undercover (Comedy)
01:20 pm Hannibal Brooks (Comedy)
03:02 pm Bill Collector (Drama)
04:39 pm Real American Hero (Drama)
06:13 pm One Eyed Jacks (Western)
08:35 pm Bingo Confidential (Comedy)
10:04 pm My Name Is Nobody (Western)

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Star Turn:
Scenes of Glamour
Ten Most Fashionable Films in Hollywood 
Since movies began, clothes that characters wear have been part of the draw and thrill.
Well-designed costumes have delineated roles and added texture to the scene. Here's a list of ten movies that evoke a time, a sense of place and make a long-lasting impression by setting fashion trends. See if you agree.
American Gigolo
To say clothes made the man is an understatement. In this film, the clothes cemented the career of not one but two men, Richard Gere and the designer Giorgio Armani.
Annie Hall
Diane Keaton's black brimmed hat, man's shirt and baggy pants, not to mention the wire-rimmed specs, was repeated on fashion runways the world over.
Belle DeJour
One of the few times the fashions---by Yves Saint Laurent---were eclipsed by an actress. But what an actress!  Catherine Deneuve.
The Great Gatsby
And we don't mean the 2013 version! Starring Robert Redford, Mia Farrow and Sam Waterson, the clothes (especially Redford's, designed by Ralph Lauren) and the decor set off major trends known universally as "rich preppy" that continue to sell and be worn with panache the world over.
Bonnie & Clyde
A moment when fashion outdistanced mayhem! Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty take top honors for blazing style trends that have become fashion classics. Pencil skirts, form-fitting cashmere sweaters, men in Borsalino fedoras and form fitting suits.
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Audrey Hepburn in a Truman Capote fantasy! Style takes Manhattan and all four points on the compass.  Still does. French twist, oversize shades and pearls, anyone!
Rear Window
Never have so many clothes-changes graced a movie that essentially has two sets; a one room Manhattan apartment and a rear courtyard. But on Grace Kelly it works as she sashays through the film in unforgettable---and numerous---wardrobe changes.
The Godfather
It's amazing how well-dressed the Mafia is on film. Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton as well as every member of "The Family" were style setters.
Wall Street
Gordon Gecko certainly knew how to cut a swath, thanks to suited-to-perfection Michael Douglas.
North By Northwest
Cary Grant, looking cool and unruffled in Manhattan, undergoing a possibly terminal crop-dusting or looking effortlessly casual while mountain-clinging. Need we say more?
Did You Know? Movie Glossary
Who Are These People?
You see their names listed on the credits of virtually every movie. But what do these people behind the scenes actually do?
Some are familiar, such as Best Boy, or Dolly Grip. But some terminology--whether on screen or insider's  lingo---require definition. And we're happy to oblige.
Abby Singer
Neither an actress or a cathedral vocalist, this term connotes the second to the last shot of the day. It's named after Production Manager Abby Singer who, when on set,  would frequently call out
"last shot of the day" or "this shot, and just one more".
Alan Smothers
Pseudonym that the Directors Guild of America allows directors to use when they wish to remove their name from a film. Although the name has reportedly been retired by the DGA, since 1997 directors may select their own aliases when seeking on-screen anonymity.
Responsible for weapons on the set of a movie or TV show when weapons must be current or suitable to the style or era of a film. The armorer also teaches actors how to use and handle everything from ancient weaponry to rocket launchers safely.
Best Boy
The chief assistant in charge of  scheduling people and  equipment for each day's work. The name originated back in pre-union days when the lines between various departments such as lighting and electrical was less rigid. Then, a director could march into either electric or a cameraman's domain in need of help and bellow "give me your best boy!"
Chute Cowboys
Experienced parachutists who either perform or assist with stunts involving parachutes.

This is the person who "claps" the ubiquitous clap board at the beginning of each shot.  This person is also responsible for loading film into the camera. The action of slapping the clapper came about as a method of synchronizing audio and visual components.

Easter Eggers
Actors whose presence or movements are intended to be too subtle to be noticed.
Foley Artists
A person who creates incidental  sound effects---such as footsteps---in synch with what's happening visually on screen.
The Chief lighting technician who designs and creates a film's lighting plan in conjunction with the director.
This person is responsible for the set up, adjustment and maintenance  of all production  
equipment on a set.
Lead Man
Member of the art department in charge of swing gangs of set dressers.
Workers responsible for setting up lighting and scaffolding on sets.
Sabre Artist
A member of the production team utilizing  a combination of software programs to create special effects.
Swing Gangs
They're not out of control dancers, they're the folks who dress or strike sets, either prepping it for a shoot or striking it after it's been shot.
When a scene calls for "crowd unrest",  walla extras mumble either the word "rhubarb" or "walla"--
-or both---to create the desired effect.
Little children, animals or vehicles have specially-trained handlers who are responsible for their care. These entities are part of a production  but cannot be spoken with. Hence, have the constant special attention of experts in their fields.
These a but  a few of the more exotic titles one might see on a credit role. They, and many other professionals with perhaps more prosaic---yet equally or more important titles---are integral to making the magic we love to see and enjoy on the Big Screen.
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