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Week of August 12th to August 18th 2013 - Volume One, Issue Twenty-Seven.
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Dear Movie Lover,
To some, it may seem like the dog days of Summer. But inside the minds of many women are thoughts of
So we will momentarily depart from the customary movie chat and focus on how to build a spot-on Fall 2013 wardrobe. For guidance, we went straight to New York City-based designer and recent CFDA winner Phillip Lim to get the scoop.
Not only do A-Listers like Lauren Conrad, Reese Witherspoon and Blake Lively rock Lim's super-stylish duds, but the fashion powerhouse is also gearing up to launch his much-awaited 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection that will debut nationwide on September 15th.
So what does this designer think you absolutely need in your Fall closet? Here are his three must-haves for building a fail-proof wardrobe:
1. A Tuxedo Jacket...This sophisticated classic that never goes out of style. Pair with trousers and a blouse for work. Weekends, with a favorite tee, skinny jeans and sneakers.
2. A Statement Shoe...Every girl needs a beautiful pair of shoes to feel good. Choose sky high heels in your favorite color to spice up your Fall look. According to Lim, oxbood is the go-to shade for AM to PM style.
3. Stand-Out Earrings...Ditch the studs and opt for glam as an instant way to revv up your wardrobe. Clasp on something bolder and sparklier than you normally would to embrace your inner diva.
Now that's solid fashion advice that's right on Target!
Get Phillip Lim's looks starting Sept 15th, both in store and online.
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Movie Watch

Monday, August 12, 2013

12:00 am Bad (Drama)
01:43 am Bedford SPRINGS (Drama)
03:10 am Bobby Jo and the Outlaw (Thriller)
04:38 am Crazy Streets (Drama)
06:01 am Clipping Adam (Drama)
07:27 am Convoy (Thriller)
09:11 am Hannibal Brooks (Comedy)
10:53 am Holyman Undercover (Comedy)
12:15 pm McLintock (Western)
02:24 pm Bingo Confidential (Comedy)
03:52 pm Bill Collector (Drama)
05:29 pm Coffin (Thriller)
06:56 pm My Name Is Nobody (Western)
08:51 pm Bill Collector (Drama)
10:28 pm God Created Woman (Drama)

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Star Turn: Sex and the City Girls:
Where Are They Now? 
It seems like a lifetime since trend-setting Carrie Bradshaw and her equally chic friends
strutted through their Manhattan love lives in skyscraper stilettos. Let's see where their Blaniks have taken them since the show chic-ly faded to black.
Sarah Jessica Parker or SJP for short, remains one of America's best-loved actresses. Ever true to her Manolo Blaniks, SJP has set up a collaboration with the fashionable shoe line that will soon be available exclusively at Nordstrom's. She remains close to her SATC co-stars and there's even a third movie rumor floating about.
Kim Cattrall has maintained a high profile, post-Sex and the City. Since the show ended, most of her work has taken place on stage. She recently revealed how she keeps her enviable figure..."I joke that I've been on a diet since 1974, which is basically true." Just like her SATC character Samantha Jones, Kim likes dating younger men. She was with chef Alan Wyse for five years despite
a twenty-year age difference.
Cynthia Nixon Since leaving SATC, Cynthia shaved her head to play a cancer patient on the Broadway production of Wit. After a fifteen-year relationship with the father of her two children, Cynthia fell in love with a woman, Christine Marinoni in 2004 and they were wed. In 2010, she joined the cast of The Big C, a US drama about a woman diagnosed with cancer.  And in 2011, gave birth to her third child, a son named Max.
Kristin Davis has acted sporadically after SATC wound down and appeared in the comedy Couples Retreat in 2009. Then in 2012, she was in  Journey2: The Mysterious Island with Josh Hutcherson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Dwayne "The Rock"  Johnson. Active in worldwide charitable endeavors, Kristin has travelled to Mozambique and Uganda to highlight the plight of vulnerable women and children. She is also an advocate for animal safety and won a Humane society Award in 2010. An Oxfam Ambassador, along with Colin Firth, Kristin was honored at the One Night To Change Lives Gala in 2010.
When asked if  there's  another SATC film foray in their future, the cast's consensus was that "there still may be a story to be told". And of course, it would include plenty of opportunities to sashay about in even higher heels! Manolos, we just bet.
Did You Know?
Craft Services
It's More Than Muffins On A Table
When you think of the working cogs in the creation of a Hollywood movie, your mind inevitably jumps to the big guns. Then to the long assortment of major crew members. But there is one component of any movie's production that we are often not likely to consider who may be one of the keystones of the whole industry: craft services.
The ever-present men and women of the "crafty" world drive one of the most essential elements of any film set---people gotta eat! And they jump more hurdles than you might expect to do so. In fact, there's a lot more to the field than people think. The term "craft services" refers to servicing the craftsmen. It used to be handled by a gofer who put out some donuts and coffee. If somebody needed something from the store, the gofer would get it for them.
Those days are long-gone. Today, when you're a craft services person, you're taking on a slew of
other responsibilities as well.
Nutrition is an obvious element. With the film community's emphasis on eating right, leading craft services caterers go all-out to keep it healthy. Most on-set buffet tables feature 60 -70% whole or organic foods. Although there will always be those who zero in on coffee and candy, they frequently cross over to good for you snacks. Folks who make movies on both sides of the camera appreciate energy sustaining food choices, preferably in six to eight small meals a day. So the offerings are usually healthy hot and cold platters rather than sugar-rush snacks.
Craft services catering is a very physical job. Setting up a temporary commissary in the middle of city streets, open fields or even on the water is heavy work. And it's not unheard-of to change locations up to five times a day. Then too, craft services people must act as security details, both shielding the area from the prying eyes of onlookers eager to get smartphone snaps of celebrities
grazing as well as snatchers who think nothing of zooming past a table to grab a sandwich or two.
Beyond the obvious responsibilities of shopping, preparation and providing pleasure and comfort through food, craft service experts usually go the extra mile for their movie set colleagues by trying their best to make visits to the tables enjoyable. They frequently provide daily newspapers, latest issues of magazines and play soft music in the area. Because all film-making includes those "hurry up and wait" moments, board games and playing cards are also available to keep the talent and crew from boredom.
Many in the craft services industry consider film crews  one big family. Or at least, a cross between a family and a military unit or being on a ship. You're stuck together for 18 hour or more days and are basically, all in the same boat. Because of the tight relationships,  craft services caterers are usually mindful of colleagues' dietary preferences. Some love things like Nestlé's Quick. Others are lactose intolerant. Someone else might be allergic to nuts. It's a source of comfort for them to know that craft services remember their individual requirements and favorites.
Of course, there are many facts and techniques craft services staffs employ. But one of the oddest may be that actors are never allowed to partake of cherry Italian ice. They can only have lemon. Credit Tommy Lee Jones for that rule. Seems when he was working on Men In Black I, Tommy Lee grabbed a cherry Italian ice and consumed the entire thing just before he was supposed to do a scene. His lips were bright red which didn't make the director very happy. Hence, the "Lemon Ice Only" rule.
So the next time you see the "Craft Services" credit roll by at the close of a film, don't stop at images of bountiful buffet tables. Think of the effort and feeling of satisfaction derived from  keeping everyone healthy, happy, entertained---and the actors free of embarrassing red lips!
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