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Week of August 5th to August 11th 2013 - Volume One, Issue Twenty-Six.
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Dear Movie Lover,
Books About Stars
Are Starring At Your Fav Booksellers!
Thing is, though, most of 'em are about the dearly departed. But the fascination lives on!
Take Gloria Swanson, for example. She is, perhaps, the original, excessive "star of stars" and is profiled in a new book subtitled
the "ultimate star". Written by Stephen Michael Shearer from St. Martin's Press, the Sunset Boulevard Swanson was the ultimate Hollywood character if ever there was one.
Except for Ava Gardner.  Peter Evans's new book Ava Garner: The Secret Conversations is full of details about Ava's growing up in Smithfield North Carolina...her "discovery" from a photo taken in New York as well as a multitude of tidbits about Louis B. Mater, Howard Hughes, Mickey Rooney, Clark Gable. And of course, Frank Sinatra.
And on the silver screen...we'll be seeing willowy Nicole Kidman as Princess Grace Kelly in the feature film, Princess Grace of Monaco.
She'll portray Grace---briefly a big MGM star---six years into her departure from Hollywood and her romantic reign over the teensy principality of Monaco. Or was it? Forced, by her Monaco subjects' opinions to turn down the Tippi Hedren role in The Birds,  the beautiful Princess Grace retreated into motherhood and gracefully performed the duties her royal role
Ms. Kidman will be regal and fascinating as Princess Grace because she is just as elegant and fascinating as the part she will portray.

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Movie Watch

Monday, August 05, 2013

12:00 am Secret at Arrow Lake (Drama)
01:23 am Rock Rock Rock (Drama)
02:48 am Real American Hero (Drama)
04:22 am High Plains Drifter (Western)
06:06 am Hannibal Brooks (Comedy)
07:48 am Clipping Adam (Drama)
09:15 am Holyman Undercover (Comedy)
10:37 am McLintock (Western)
12:46 pm God Created Woman (Drama)
02:17 pm Crazy Streets (Drama)
03:40 pm Bill Collector (Drama)
05:17 pm Bedford SPRINGS (Drama)
06:44 pm Bingo Confidential (Comedy)
08:13 pm Firecracker (Drama)

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Star Turn:
Superhero Movies True To Their Roots And Those That Aren't 
Comic book movies have been around forever! But this Summer, they've been out in force...and failing! Man of Steel and The Lone Ranger leading the pack.
O, for the good old days of the Superhero movies that got it right.
Let's start with Superman: The Movie
Not only is it the quintessential comic book film, it's the quintessential origin story. In the 1978 masterpiece, Christopher Reeves embodies the Big Blue Boy Scout and the quirky news reporter
Clark Kent. Super Man is more than a character. He exemplifies the goodness all men should strive for.
Next, let's look at what The Dark Knight got right. Everything!
Christian Bale is the best Bat Man ever. Not just because he's a master of his craft, but because he understands his character more than anyone ever did. Bruce Wayne isn't Batman---it's the other way around. Bruce Wayne is a front.  He's a surface personality. And that fact truly  allows Bale to do the character justice.
Then There's Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2
Sam Raimi and Toby MacGuire  made Peter Parker's transformation into the super powered Spider-Man so enjoyable that it never fails to put a smile on a comic book fan's face. Not only is the comedic side captured but the emotional aspect is explored to a much deeper degree than most comic book films will go.
Aunt Mae is always in trouble and still struggling with the loss of Uncle Ben. Peter watches the girl he loves go from horrible guy to wrong guy. And his personal  relationships are tarnished by his second life. He clearly demonstrates what Spidey is all about; "With great power comes great responsibility."
Due to space limitations, we won't go into what the current less-than's got wrong!
Did You Know?
Stripping Pays Off For Girls ---And Guys--- On Screen
Last year we saw some good actors---Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer and many other hot men take it off in the stripper movie Magic Mike. It was past time for  men on film to be objectified.
For the entire film. Not just the occasional glimpse of  Michael Fassbinder's impressive goodies or Daniel Craig briefly removing his shirt.
But the pendulum has swung back. This summer we'll see the luscious Jennifer Anniston stripping in We're The Millers. And Gwyneth Paltrow peeling it off in Thanks For Sharing,
Jennifer, now in her early forties, looks fabulous and fit in this comedy about a bogus family of drug mules and their encounter with the bad guys.
Gwynth Paltrow, who is certainly attractive---the world's most beautiful according to People Magazine---seems a highly unlikely stripper. But she pulls it off (pun definitely intended) thanks to superior acting and devotion to Pilates.
We're The Millers and Thanks For Sharing are two very promising summer diversions. As are the Misses Anniston and Paltrow---see-worthy in every respect.
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