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Week of September 23rd to September 29th 2013 - Volume One, Issue Thirty-Three.
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Dear Movie Lover,

The TCL Theatre, formerly known as Grauman's, is unveiling a major facelift.
Site of many film premieres as well as the Walk of Fame, where the Hollywood tradition of immortalizing stars' signatures, hand and footprints in its concrete walkway, the TCL Chinese Theatre
has experienced a major transformation.
The renovated theatre will open to the public on September 20th. Although many of the changes are startling, the exterior of the theatre, resembling a giant red pagoda remains. The Hollywood landmark features a huge dragon and two authentic Ming Dynasty Heaven Dogs guarding the main entrance.
Since 1927, stars and celebrities have left imprints on the Walk of Fame. The theatre's Forecourt boasts nearly 200 such mementos, including variations like Harold Lloyd's eyeglasses, Groucho Marks's cigar as well as the more current symbols,  the magic wands of Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson.

Most recently, Jane Fonda added her digits to the celebrity entries in cement. Asked about the honor, the thespian responded, "I'm very excited. I was hoping it would happen before I died."

Perhaps not as long-lasting but a more than equal honor is Sandra Bullock's breathtaking cover of Vogue Magazine's October 2013 issue. Gearing up for the October release of  Gravity, in which she stars with friend and co-star George Clooney, the star looks absolutely stunning in a sequin Marc Jacobs dress.
Inside Vogue,  Ms. Bullock opens up about her once in a lifetime role in Gravity. On a personal note, she talks about her former husband, Jesse James's cheating. Calling it a painful time in her life, Bullock remarks on overcoming this phase,
"I am exactly where I want to be now."
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Movie Watch

Monday, September 23, 2013

12:00 am At War With The Army (Comedy)
01:31 am Rescue From Gilligans Island (Comedy)
03:06 am Red River (Western)
05:19 am Return To Treasure Island (Thriller)
07:02 am Journey To The Heart (Drama)
08:23 am Coffin (Thriller)
09:51 am Rock Rock Rock (Drama)
11:16 am Crazy Streets (Drama)
12:39 pm Hannibal Brooks (Comedy)
02:21 pm High Plains Drifter (Western)
04:06 pm House Under Seige (Drama)
05:26 pm Real American Hero (Drama)
06:59 pm No Regrets (Drama)
08:35 pm Bingo Confidential (Comedy)
10:04 pm My Name Is Nobody (Western)

Click here for the complete schedule
Star Turn:
A-List Actresses Over 40
No, It's Not A Misprint 
From Cameron Diaz to Sandra Bullock, the A-List of actresses is aging as their clout and
salaries skyrocket. At the same time, Hollywood fails to groom another generation.
Bullock and Diaz are but two of the over-forty actresses whose careers aren't just thriving but dominating big castings in Hollywood. For decades, middle-aged actresses largely were relegated to the sidelines in studio films fighting for supporting roles---figuratively and literally---as the hero's wife, mother or teacher. Who can forget Sally Field's infamous casting, at age forty-seven, as Tim Hanks's mother in Forrest Gump when he was thirty-seven?
The longevity of a handful of exceptions such as Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren and Diane Keaton
notwithstanding, most starring film roles went to actresses under forty. Interestingly, many of those actresses who were hot a decade ago as thirty-somethings still sit atop the A-list. Cameron Diaz of the Shrek franchise was 28 when she first was the voice of Princess Fiona. Now at forty, she is regarded as the highest paid actress among the over-forty set.
While many actresses may not command the same upfront fees as their male counterparts, Diaz ended up scoring $42 million after Sony's Bad Teacher (which cost $20 million to make) grossed $216 million worldwide. Her deal with for Sony's comedy Sex Tape in which she and Jason Segal, age thirty-three, will play a married couple trying to recover a missing sex tape they made together.
Of course, Hollywood isn't suddenly socially enlightened. Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) stats for 2012 cite that more than one-third of all tickets purchased domestically were by those age forty or over. Furthermore, at twenty-eight percent, baby boomers are the largest segment of the overall population. The audience is aging. It's no surprise that the stars are
as well.   
The simple fact is, older women just look better, these days. 
It might be the wonders of cosmetic surgery and dermatology, colorists and personal trainers, but women over forty no longer are expected to look matronly. Rather, it's presumed they'll go toe-to-toe on the red carpet with their younger peers.
At sixty-seven, Mirren---caught sunning in a bikini in a paparazzi shot that went viral in 2011---might be an extreme example. But she's hardly alone. Julianne Moore, fifty-two, moonlights as a model, appearing in ads for Bulgari and Revlon.
There's real sexiness and allure to these women because they are seasoned professionals and they know exactly how to look and walk at major industry events. Red carpet photos of Nicole Kidman, Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda and Sarah Jessica Parker are prized. And they are just a few examples of why it's not just a young person's market anymore.
Did You Know? Celebrity TidBits

Helen Mirren Impersonates Queen Elizabeth ll for Cancer-Stricken Boy
Actress steps in after the British Royal could not fulfill 10-year old Oliver Burton's wish to meet him.
Dame Helen Mirren granted the wish of the boy who is battling leukemia. The actress, who is starring as the Queen in a London production of The Audience, invited Oliver and his family to see the show last week. They also had tea sandwiches and Mirren knighted the boy with her hand. The
meeting was arranged when Buckingham Palace could not meet a request for a visit with Oliver.
Glenn Close Joining Guardians of the Galaxy
The movie, which started filming in London in late June, is part of Marvel's Phase Two and the only movie that is not a sequel to an already established character such as Thor or Captain America.
Close will play the head of  the Nova Corps space police.

Drew Barrymore to Star Opposite Adam Sandler in Warner Bros. Romantic Comedy
Teaming together again, Barrymore and Sandler have signed on to Sandler's yet-untitled project.
Initially called Blended, the project centers on a man and woman who, after a disastrous first date, get trapped at a family resort with their kids from previous marriages in tow. Of course, an attraction begins to grow despite comedic mishaps.
Barrymore has co-starred in two of Sandler's best-reviewed and most successful comedies, 1998's
The Wedding Singer and 2004's Fifty First Dates
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